Apple iPod Touch 4 Screen Repair

Apple iPod Touch 4 Screen Repair

Cracked screen on your iPod Touch 4? We'll fix it for you at a reasonable price and get it done quickly. Mail in repairs are done in under 24 hours. If you live near one of our local repair stores, we can fix it in under an hour.

This is a complete service that include ALL parts & labor. I also comes with a lifetime warranty.

This repair is for an iPod Touch 4 where the outer glass and/or LCD (the picture underneath the glass) is broken.

You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

We can probably even fix it for you today!

Planning to bring it into a local store? We love walk-ins but can only promise your repair time with an appointment.

Price: $69 plus sales tax and/or return shipping

Choose a Repair Option


Don't live close to one of our repair centers? Not to worry. We offer this service through the mail. You'll have your iPod Touch 4 fixed and back in 5-6 business days. Most the delay is shipping since most repairs are completed within 24 hours of our receiving the device.

See our full FAQ on mail-in repairs.

Go to a Local Repair Shop

Live in the Chicago, Madison, or Seattle area? You can have your iPod Touch 4 fixed in under an hour. You can probably even get it done today.

See the full details on in-person repairs.

* Shipping and/or sales tax not included. For mail-in repairs, add $7.50 for shipping & handling.