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What Sets Us Apart

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “Why is your repair service better than your competitors?”

Let me say that there are other good repair companies out there. But I truly believe what sets us apart is our core philosophy:

To make people’s lives better. Our employees, our customers, and our investors – in that order.

If we create happy and motivated employees, we’ll have happy customers. Happy customers lead to a solid bottom line.

Looking at our Yelp reviews, with a 4.5 or better rating at each of our stores with over 1250 customer reviews, it’s clear this strategy is working.

Our Employees

Our Lincoln Park iPhone & iPad Repair Experts
Our Lincoln Park Staff

We pay an industry leading $17/hr, offer health and dental insurance, paid vacation, and a 4 day work week for all of our technicians.

We’ve also dedicated massive time and energy to creating a great hiring process to find people that not only are great at fixing phones and taking care of customers, but are also wonderful to work with. This interview process involves several rounds but the one that everyone loves? We have a board game night for the top candidate before formally offering them a position. Who doesn’t want to work for a company that plays board games as part of the interview process?

Our employees are empowered to make decisions. You won’t find a lot of bureaucracy at Jet City. We hire good people, train them, and then trust them to make their own decisions on how to best take care of customers. Do we always get it right? Nope. No company is perfect. But we believe a mistake you learn from is called training. You won’t get in trouble for that. (It’s the person that keeps making the same mistake over and over that we have problems with.)

Communication! We still have a ways to go on this front but, thanks to Basecamp, we’ve made massive strides over the past couple of years in making sure everyone in the company is well aware of what’s going on and why decisions are made. This communication is also critical in helping our geographically separate stores share best practices.

Our Customers

Our focus, beyond just providing a great repair, is to make the entire process as easy, fast, and pleasant as possible for our customers. Consider these facts:

1. We almost always have same-day appointments available. No waiting a week to get in for your repair.
2. iPhone get fixed in just 20-30 minutes.
3. Each store has fun activities while you wait (because you won’t have your phone to play with).
4. Because we hire great people, you’ll genuinely enjoy talking with our technicians. They’re not just a bunch of phone fixing nerds. They are phone fixing nerds with great personalities.
5. We give a lifetime guarantee on our work.

But you shouldn’t take our word for this service. You should check out what our past customers actually have to say. You can see a bit of that here, here, and here.

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iPad Mini Giveaway!

iPad Giveaway

To celebrate our new Bellevue store, we’re doing an iPad Mini giveaway! Here are the details:

You can enter up to 4 times, once by each method:

  1. In Store – stop in and drop your name in our jar! 
  2. Facebook – Like us and post a fun photo of why you need an iPad with the hashtag #jetcityipad
  3. Twitter – Follow us and post a fun photo of why you need an iPad with the hashtag #jetcityipad
  4. Instagram – Follow us and post a fun photo of why you need an iPad with the hashtag #jetcityipad

If you win you must be able to pick up the iPad in person at our Jet City Device Repair Bellevue location.  Entry deadline January 31st.

We look forward to your photos! 🙂

Jet City Device Repair specializes in quick and easy iPhone and iPad repair, but they are not your average repair shop.  The boutique like setting sets them apart from competitors.  Comfortable lounge areas and free coffee add to the overall pleasant experience you get visiting any of their stores.

With an appointment, customers can get their iPhones fixed in as little as fifteen minutes.  They offer lifetime warranties on all their repairs, glass protection plans for iPhones, as well as a line of protective cases and tempered glass screen protectors.

The store will be open Monday through Friday from 10 to 7, and Saturday 10-5.  Although walk-ins are accepted, customers can book appointments online at www.jcdrepair.com for faster service.

For more information about the new Bellevue location, contact Zoe at marketing@jcdrepair.com or call the store at (425) 209-0105.

The first Jet City Device Repair location opened in Seattle in 2007, since then the company has grown to seven locations in Chicago and the greater Seattle area.  Their elevated approach to traditional repair shops continues to delight customers and add to their success as they continue to expand to new locations.


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Free donuts and an iPad Mini giveaway to celebrate our new Bellevue location!


Our new Bellevue store is now open!  We are located at 968 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, in the City Square Apartment building. There is even free retail garage parking available! 

To celebrate our move into this new neighborhood we are having free coffee and donuts every morning this month at our new store, Mon-Sat, 10am-Noon .  We hope you will come by and say hello!

In addition we thought it would be fun to have an iPad Mini giveaway! Here are the details:

You can enter up to 4 times, once by each method.  If you win you must be able to pick up the iPad in person at our Jet City Device Repair Bellevue location.  Entry deadline January 31st.

  1. In Store – stop in and drop your name in our jar!
  2. Facebook – Follow us and post a fun photo of why you need an iPad with the hashtag #jetcityipad
  3. Twitter – Follow us and post a fun photo of why you need an iPad with the hashtag #jetcityipad
  4. Instagram – Follow us and post a fun photo of why you need an iPad with the hashtag #jetcityipad

Thanks for celebrating with us!

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Our new Bellevue store is now open!


We are very excited that our fifth store in the greater Seattle area is now open in Bellevue!  Our official grand opening is January 2nd, and to celebrate we are going to have free coffee and donuts Monday-Friday from 10-Noon for the whole month of January! We hope you’ll stop in and say hi!  Appointments are already available to book through our website www.jcdrepair.com.


In addition to the coffee and donuts we are also running an iPad Mini giveaway! We’ll also be launching that at the beginning of January, with three chances to enter (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!). Stay tuned for details on social media, or stop in our store in January to enter!


Our Bellevue team is led by our Store Manager Vinny, who used to be part of our Redmond team.  He is very excited to have our new store up and running, and being part of the Bellevue community.  The store is located at 968 100th Ave NE, and will be open Monday-Friday 10-7, and Saturday 10-5.  (425) 209-0105.


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Is your iCloud back up turned on?

Don't lose those moments....
Don’t lose those moments…

One of the most stressful things about something happening to your phone is losing data.  Those photos you just took of your newborn, a family reunion, or even that perfect vacation you just got back from, often only exist in one place.  Your iPhone.  If iCloud is turned on, copies are saved on Apple’s servers, and your other Apple devices might also be able to access that photo stream.  But what if it’s turned off?  Not only did your phone just fall into a lake, but all those memories might be destroyed along with it!  When it comes down to it, an iPhone is replaceable, but your data isn’t. Continue reading “Is your iCloud back up turned on?”

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Looking for a Great iPhone/iPad Repair Teammate

Looking for a great place to work? How about a 4-day work week? Want health care? Maybe $17/hr plus bonuses? A company that’s growing and exciting to work for? Amazing co-workers?

Then you should apply to work for us. We’re looking for a great repair technician for our store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

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One Hour Device Repair is Now 20 Minutes

At Jet City Device Repair we take pride in creating a great customer experience. We think saving you time is one more way to do that.

Image from anika on Flickr
Image from anika on Flickr

Obviously we work hard to create a super high-quality device repair at a great price. That’s step #1 in a great service. We also do our best to hire friendly staff that can provide this service with a smile.

But we’ve found it’s the little things that really help set us apart: clean & comfortable waiting area, stores located in convenient locations, free coffee & snacks, multiple ways to schedule an appointment, open 7-days a week (most locations), open until 7pm on weeknights, and more.

This not only results in a premier device repair, but, if our customer reviews or the New York Times are to be believed, one of the best overall customer experiences with any business.

To continue improving on that, another area we’ve worked hard to improve is our overall repair time. In particular with the various iPhone devices. This is important for two reasons: waiting just isn’t fun and you probably don’t want to be without your iPhone for any length of time.

Through a series of efforts, we’ve been able to whittle our iPhone device repair from about one hour to 20 minutes!

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Apple’s Error 53 is About Greed, Not Security

Apple’s claim that they must disable an iPhone after its home button is replaced for security reasons makes no sense. It’s Apple’s attempt to get even more money out of its users.

Image from Joe Penniston on Flickr
Image from Joe Penniston on Flickr

If Apple’s software can recognize the home button has been replaced, simply disable the fingerprint sensor and require a passcode. Inconvenient for a user, but not a catastrophe.

People can still have the pictures of their kids, pets, texts with loved ones, and all the other valuable content we keep on our phones. It doesn’t all just disappear because they chose the fiscally responsible action of having their broken iPhone fixed by someone other than Apple.

The most likely reason for Apple doing this is profit, not security.

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How To Avoid Error 53 With Your iPhone Repair

The best way to deal with an error 53 problem? Go to a reputable repair company for your cracked iPhone screen and you won’t have to worry about it.

The Guardian broke a story a about Apple a few days ago. It was about a software update that will make iPhone’s with a replaced home button no longer work at all (frequently referred to as a “bricked iPhone”). From the article:

It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s been repaired by a third party. But there’s no warning and no fix.

But this quote from the article is EXTREMELY MISLEADING because the statement is incomplete. In particular, here’s what it should say:

It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s [home button has been replaced by a third party that messed up a screen repair and ripped your home button cable].

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Seattle Device Repair

A common question people ask: “Why the name Jet City Device Repair?” Since we fix so many iPhones and iPads, people wonder why not something more Apple related like iDevice Repair or iSeattle Repair or iRock At Fixing Things.

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