Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

Looking for a low cost front glass replacement for your Samsung Galaxy S3? Our $79 glass replacement service is not only one of the lowest cost options on the market, but we do it right by using an optically clear UV glue to hold your new glass on. This is how it's done at the factory and how it should be done in a repair.

This is the right repair for your if your phone's glass is cracked but the picture underneath is fine and the phone still works. By far the most common Galaxy S3 repair.

Have a Galaxy S4? Find that repair here.

What's Included

Which Galaxy S model is this for?

This repair is for the Galaxy S3. Have a Galaxy S4? We also offer that repair.

What to do next?

It's easy: Just get us your Galaxy S3 and we take care of everything from there. Live near one of our local repair stores? Schedule an appointment and we can have your phone fixed in 2 hours.

If you don't live near one of our stores, use the mail-in option on the bottom right of this page to mail us your S3. We'll get it fixed and mailed back out within 24 hours.

Planning to bring it into a local store? We love walk-ins but can only promise your repair time with an appointment.

Price: $79 plus sales tax and/or return shipping

Choose a Repair Option

Go to a Local Repair Shop

The Galaxy S3 Screen Repair takes a few hours. Because of this, we ask you to give us a call and schedule over the phone. This will make sure you get taken care of in a timely fashion.

Want to save $5 on your repair?

Use the link below to enter your email. When you bring your device in, we'll take $5 off the repair price. It's really that simple.

Get $5 Off Your Repair

Here is a list of all our stores and phone numbers:


Don't live close to one of our repair centers? Not to worry. We offer this service through the mail. You'll have your Galaxy S3 fixed and back in 5-6 business days. Most the delay is shipping since most repairs are completed within 24 hours of our receiving the device.

See our full FAQ on mail-in repairs.

* Shipping and/or sales tax not included. For mail-in repairs, add $7.50 for shipping & handling.