People Person with Tech Skills

  • Are you good at fixing things?
  • Do you enjoy solving problems?
  • Do you like¬†technology AND people?
  • Does this guy look like someone you’d want to work with?

Then we want to hear from you!


Our Bellevue store is hiring right now.

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repair technician enjoying the job
Our technicians work hard AND have fun.

Jet City Mission & Values

Our mission as a company is to make people’s lives better.
Our employees, our customers, and our owners – in that order.
We believe happy employees create delighted customers.
Delighted customers result in a solid bottom line.

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Brief Company History

Jet City Device Repair started as a part-time venture in a Seattle basement in 2007 with $600. Today we have 4 retail stores in 2 states, 2 mail-in repair depots (mostly for fixing school devices), 20 employees, and fix over 2500 customer devices a month. We expect to do over $4 million in sales in 2018.

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Who We’re Looking For

  • Hard working.
  • Smart.
  • Interested in technology.
  • Good conversationalists.
  • Pleasant disposition.
  • Genuinely friendly and outgoing.
  • Well read.
  • Enjoys learning new things.
  • Most likely a bit nerdy.

Basically, we’re looking for great people to work with.

Compensation & Work Schedule

  • $17/hr plus monthly bonuses (~$2/hr)
  • 4-Day Work Week (36-40 hours)
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Vacation & Sick Pay
  • 401K with 3% Employer Match
  • Incredible Coworkers

Quick Note on Compensation

We paid $12/hr with no benefits in 2010 when we hired our first employee. It was all we could afford. As our business has succeeded we’ve proactively improved compensation. Today¬†our starting pay is $17/hr (a 42% increase), added a week of paid vacation, added paid sick time, have health & dental insurance, and this past year added a 401K program with a 3% employer match.

This company began with the belief that a business could make money and be a transformational force in the life of its employees. That means you can expect us to continue to improve compensation as the business continues to grow and thrive.

What to do Next

Fill Out This Survey

A few notes on filling out that survey.

  • It’s important.
  • Take your time and be thoughtful.
  • Remember: good communication is part of the job.
  • Let your personality come through.