Apple iPad Mini 4 Loudspeaker Repair

Apple iPad Mini 4 Loudspeaker Repair


Apple iPad Mini 4 Loudspeaker Repair

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We've fixed 10's of thousands of iPads both at our retails stores and through the mail.

Your iPad Mini 4's loudspeaker repair is in good hands with us.

Here's what you get with all of our iPad repairs:

These repairs typically take 2-3 days but can often be done faster.

Which iPad Mini version is this for?

This repair is for the iPad Mini 4. Use this link to find the loudspeaker repair for the iPad Mini 1, 2, or 3.

Price: $89.99
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The iPad Mini 4 Loudspeaker Repair takes 48-72 hours, so you don't have to schedule an appointment. Just bring it by any time we're open.

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Jennifer t seattle
I broke my iPhone screen... took it in... got it fixed... everything is fantastic. - Jennifer / Seattle, WA
Lexi d chicago
Amazing! They are so quick and friendly... they made it so easy. - Lexi / Chicago, IL
Cosmos d redmond
They were professional and fast... I couldn't be happier. - Cosmos / Redmond, WA
Alicia chicago
They were quick, professional, friendly and provided a great service. Alicia / Chicago, IL
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