Apple iPhone 4/4S Grayed Out WiFi Repair

Did you upgrade your iOS version and now your WiFi won't work and it's grayed out in the settings?

This is probably the fix you're looking for.

It's always hard to say for sure on a repair like this (because the root cause might be something like water damage or a burned out circuit) but most of the time the problem is just "confusion" between your software and WiFi circuitry.

What if it turns out we can't fix it? There's no risk for you because we never charge for a repair that we can't fix. In addition, you get a lifetime warranty on this repair so if it ever goes bad again, we'll refund your money.

Price: $39
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The grayed out wifi repair is a quick repair and usually only takes about 5 minutes. So there is no need to schedule an appointment for this service. Just bring your iPhone 4/4S in any time we're open and we'll get it fixed right away for you.

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Our service is "fantastic", "fast", "incredibly nice", "professional".
... at least that's what our customers are saying.
  • Jennifer t seattle
    I broke my iPhone screen...took it it fixed...everything is fantastic.
    Jennifer T / Seattle, WA
  • Cosmos d redmond
    They were professional and fast and, most importantly, they delivered! It works again! I couldn't be happier.
    Cosmos D / Redmond, WA
  • Lauren d chicago
    The woman who helped me was incredibly nice and knowledgeable... I'd definitely recommend making this place your first stop for any iPhone issue.
    Lauren D. / Chicago, IL

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