Apple iPhone 7 Audio IC Chip Repair

Apple iPhone 7 Audio IC Chip Repair $149.99

Your iPhone 7 audio acting strange or not working?
You probably have a bad Audio IC Chip.
We can help.

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Symptoms of a Bad Audio IC Chip

The Solution

If you're experiencing some or all of these issues, there's a good chance the Audio IC chip on the motherboard has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

We can help!

Our soldering experts can replace the bad audio chip and get your iPhone's sound working again.

The Process

We have high-end soldering equipment and skilled technicians at all our shops, but do require an appointment to do this repair. Simply contact us to setup an appointment and we'll have your iPhone fixed in a couple of hours (or a day at the most).

Live outside that area?

No worries - we can still help! We offer a mail-in solution. Just click the "Let's Get Started" button in the "I need to mail it to you" section below and complete the process.

The Easy-to-Read Fine Print

We highly recommend backing up your data before this repair. We've successfully done 100's of Audio IC repairs, but motherboard-level soldering is the riskiest repair. There's a small chance your phone may not work afterwards. Not likely, but possible, and we want you to be aware of that risk.

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Emma seattle
Can't believe how fast, took less than 20. I will absolutely recommend this place. - Emma / Seattle, WA
Mike chicago
These guys are up front, honest, and are good at what they do. Thank you again! - Mike / Chicago, IL
Ajay bellevue
This shop stands out as a shining rarity...Come here if you want an honest assessment of your device and want it to be fixed. Ajay / Bellevue, WA
Sophia seattle
I've taken my phone here twice when I cracked my screen...job well done! - Sophia / Seattle, WA
Danielle chicago
Super easy...screen replaced in a quick 30 minutes. Will definitely be back. - Danielle / Chicago, IL
Jane redmond
These guys are just plain awesome. Great service, good prices, and super friendly. Jane / Redmond, WA
Lexi chicago
Amazing! They are so quick and friendly... they made it so easy. - Lexi / Chicago, IL
Ryan seattle
Repaired my screen, upgraded my case...less than a new glass screen from the Apple store. Ryan / Seattle, WA