Apple iPhone SE 2022 (3rd Gen) Back Glass Replacement $99.99

Low-cost cracked iPhone SE 2022 back glass replacement.
Takes about 90 minutes.
Parts + labor & lifetime guarantee.

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The repair you need if the back glass on your iPhone SE 2022 is cracked but everything else is in good condition.

The repair takes about 90 minutes.

Fast & Low-Cost?

Looked around for this repair and discovered not many places are fixing it? Or if they are it costs a fortune? How can we do it so quickly & at a low price?

First you need to know that Apple super glued the back glass on this iPhone. For a long time, the only reliable way to fix it was to replace the entire back housing. This was an expensive part and very labor intensive (1-2 hours).

But things have changed...

We recently acquired and learned how to use a new machine that makes iPhone back glass much easier. It uses a laser - which is super cool. This laser can quickly and easily remove all the adhesive holding the glass in place. After that, our technician's can easily pull off the broken glass and replace it with a new one.

The result? You get an iPhone back glass replacement that is much cheaper than anywhere else.

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"great service", "fast", "honest", "easy"
That's what our customers say.
Emma seattle
Can't believe how fast, took less than 20. I will absolutely recommend this place. - Emma / Seattle, WA
Mike chicago
These guys are up front, honest, and are good at what they do. Thank you again! - Mike / Chicago, IL
Ajay bellevue
This shop stands out as a shining rarity...Come here if you want an honest assessment of your device and want it to be fixed. Ajay / Bellevue, WA
Sophia seattle
I've taken my phone here twice when I cracked my screen...job well done! - Sophia / Seattle, WA
Danielle chicago
Super easy...screen replaced in a quick 30 minutes. Will definitely be back. - Danielle / Chicago, IL
Jane redmond
These guys are just plain awesome. Great service, good prices, and super friendly. Jane / Redmond, WA
Lexi chicago
Amazing! They are so quick and friendly... they made it so easy. - Lexi / Chicago, IL
Ryan seattle
Repaired my screen, upgraded my case...less than a new glass screen from the Apple store. Ryan / Seattle, WA
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