$1,000,000 in Sales!

Yesterday marked a big day in JCD Repair history. At 5:34 PM we fixed a white, cracked iPhone 4S. This sale put our yearly sales over $1 million! That was the first time that has every happened to us and we’re pretty excited about it. Reading about billion dollar valuations has gotten so common that this might not sound like a big deal to you. But it is to us.

You see, I started this business out of the basement of my Seattle apartment in 2007 with $600 and a few hours of web development time. Today we have 16 employees in 4 locations and we’ve fixed about 30,000 devices for people. To me it’s about a lot more than just the number, though. I like to think we’ve been part of the solution to this decades financial problems and, at the same time, a great service for tens of thousands of people.

I am proud of our employees for being awesome. If any of you are reading this, THANK YOU! It has been an honor to have you on our team and I am so excited about our future together.

I am incredibly grateful to our fantastic customers. I know it’s a lousy feeling to break your iPhone or iPad. Or, as many parents have told us, how “tragic” it was for your son or daughter to break their iPod Touch. To you I also want to say thank you. Without your trust in our abilities, we wouldn’t be in business. I hope we served you well and made your life a little better.

Lastly, I want to say that I think we’re just getting started and there’s much bigger things to come.┬áTo make that happen I’d like to ask you a question: What can we do even better? We’d love your feedback so please feel free to comment below.

One last time: Thank you all – customers and our great employees – for helping make 2012 such a great year.

Happy holidays!