12 Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass Repair Questions

As of this writing, our post on an inexpensive Samsung Galaxy S3 screen repair has been read over 1/4 million times. Obviously there is a huge interest in Samsung phone repair. But more importantly, and the whole reason for this post, a lot of people had questions after reading that article (168 comments that were mostly questions). I decided a separate blog post was necessary to address the most common of those questions/concerns people had.

Q1. I live in Texas (or another place we don’t have a store), can I mail you my phone?


GS3 Repair FAQ

Yes, we offer a mail-in repair service. You can pay for the repair on our website using Paypal or a credit card and then mail us your phone. Once we receive it, we’ll get it fixed and mailed back out to you in about 24 hours.

Q2. Where are your local stores?

Right now we have 4 locations: Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Redmond, WA, and Seattle, WA.

Q3. Do you fix the Galaxy S4?

We have just begun to fix the Galaxy S4. At the time of this writing we are fixing it on a limited basis (through the mail or a 24 hour turnaround time at our Chicago store). We expect to fully roll this repair out to all of our stores by mid-to-late October. If you have a Galaxy S4, check out our Galaxy S4 screen repair page for more details.

Q4. Do you fix the Verizon version of the Galaxy S3 (or AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, etc)?

Yes. Our repair works for all different versions of the Galaxy S3 including the international version. This is because all versions use exactly the same glass and, since we’re just replacing the glass, we can easily fix them all.

Q5. My phone still seems to work but it’s really smashed. Can you fix that?

Yes. For our repair, it doesn’t matter if it’s a single, small crack in one corner or massive spider web with dozens of lines covering the entire surface. The repair is exactly the same for us. We remove the entire front glass and replace it with a brand new one. So as long as the picture underneath the glass looks good and it’s still responding to touch, all you need is our standard screen repair.

Q6. What if my screen is now black? Or it doesn’t respond to touch? 

We can fix both of those issue but it is a more expensive service. The problem you have is a broken LCD. The LCD on a Galaxy S3 performs double duty: It displays your phone’s picture and responds to your finger touches. The LCD also happens to be one of the most expensive parts of the phone – hence the higher price for that repair. You can see our Samsung Galaxy S3 LCD repair here.

Q7. Are you using the same kind of glass my phone original had on it?

Another name for the original kind of glass is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We do indeed use OEM glass in all of our Galaxy S3 repairs.

Q8. What kind of adhesive do you use to attach the new glass?

We use an optically clear ultraviolet (UV) adhesive. Samsung uses a UV glue to attach the glass to the LCD in the first place. This is the only proper way to replace a cracked screen. Some companies use tape to hold the glass to the LCD, and this results in a very poor quality repair that will get dust under the screen, have a strange glare, and will not be as responsive to touch. We apply just the right amount of UV glue and then place the phone under a UV light to cure it. This results in a factory like repair that looks and works like it did when the phone rolled off the factory floor.

Q9. The plastic bezel around my cracked glass is damaged. Can you fix that, too?

We can but, in general, we don’t. The reason is because the LCD, the expensive part of the phone described in question #5, is glued to that bezel. The only way to replace the bezel is to remove the LCD and that almost always results in a broken LCD (they’re super fragile). As a result, the only way to get a new bezel is to put a complete new housing – including the LCD – on the phone. Since that costs more than twice the cost of a glass only repair, we have found most people aren’t interested in doing that.

Q10. My phone has been water damaged. Can you help?

Unfortunately no. At this time we don’t do any work on liquid damaged phones. We recommend trying to pull your battery out right away, fill up a bag with rice, and put your phone and battery in that bag for 3 days.

Q11. Will my phone still have all it’s data on it?

Yes. We simply pull off your old, cracked glass and replace it with a new one. All of your data will be safe.

Q12. I live outside the United States. Can you fix my phone?

At the moment we do not offer any international shipping. We will only send phones back to a location within the United States or one of its territories (like Puerto Rico).

Q13 (Bonus Question): I fixed my own Galaxy S3 and now the menu/back button doesn’t work.

This question was added by popular demand in the comments below.

You either misplaced the menu/back button ribbon cable when you did the screen repair or have too much of a gap between the glass and the ribbon cable. Either of these things will cause the buttons not to work (or require you to press hard to get them to work) but it’s fairly inexpensive to fix. Just re-doing the glass repair and properly place the cable.

Much worse is that you tore the ribbon cable during the glass repair. If this happened, you’re probably going to have to replace the entire LCD. This is because that ribbon cable runs underneath the LCD and plugs into its backside. The only way to replace it is to pull the LCD out. On a Galaxy S3, this is almost impossible to do (much easier to do on a Galaxy S4). So if this is what happened, you’re probably going to be stuck buying a brand new LCD assembly.

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  1. Marissa Moore says:

    My mom shattered the glass on her Verizon Galaxy S3. I got the glass off ebay and followed online tutorials to replace it. The glass looks great now, but the menu and back buttons do not light up or work. I took the glass off again and watched the videos to make sure everything looked the same on the inside and it does, but it will not work. Any suggestions? I know I can root the phone and get on screen keys, but I have not rooted a phone before and do not want to screw it up anymore….


    • What most likely happened to your mom’s phone is you accidentally tore the ribbon cable at the very bottom of the screen. It’s taped to the front glass but then runs underneath the LCD and connects to the underside of the LCD. This ribbon cable has the back and home touch buttons on it.

      Unfortunately, the only way to replace that ribbon cable is to pull the LCD up – which is extremely difficult to do without breaking the LCD (bordering on impossible). That means you’re almost certainly going to need to replace the entire front glass assembly – including the LCD. The part alone usually runs about $175-$200 online. As mentioned above, we also offer that repair (we charge $259 at the time of this writing) and that would fix it for you, too.

      Sorry I don’t have better news for you on that one.

        • Unfortunately there’s no way to fix that without replacing the entire LCD. The reason is because that ribbon cable runs underneath the LCD and attaches to a connector on the underside of the LCD. The only way to replace it is to lift the LCD up and that’s just about impossible without breaking the LCD.

          If you want those buttons to work, your only option at this point is probably to opt for a full LCD replacement screen assembly.

  2. Amanda Uzzolino says:

    My phone was recently stolen but located on the road. Unfortunately the lcd screen is spider web cracked and the screen is black. The buttons all still function though and the phone rings. I have a friend who had the same phone but his processor went. He still has this phone and the screen and lcd were working. can I swap the screens? Is it possible or even worth it to save the $150 insurance deductible.

    • You can only swap the motherboards if the two phones are from the same carrier. I know it sounds strange, but the internals of the phone are slightly different depending on the carrier. If both phones are from the same carrier, this is theoretically pretty easy to do. The problem is why your friends motherboard stopped working. If it’s a water damage issue, there may be problems with other components. So it might require moving all of your components as well as the motherboard over to his phone.

      In addition, you need to be certain his LCD does light up and respond to touch if it was water damaged. These can also go bad over time.

      Let us know if you want us to take a look at the phones. We don’t normally allow customers to supply parts but if you’re okay with not having us warranty the parts (since we didn’t provide them) we may be willing to do this for you. If we don’t have to use any of our own components, the fee would be $75 to move over all the components from your phone to his.

  3. Michael DiLillo says:

    I got a replacement glass for my S3. I took off the old glass, but I am not sure if I did something wrong. There seems to be an in between glass, between the screen glass and the LCD that came up with the screen glass. Is there something in between that was not suppose to come off? It is about the size of the screen except it doesn’t extend over the area of the buttons at the bottom or speaker at the top.

    • Michael, unfortunately what you did was pull up a filter that sits directly on top of the LCD screen. My guess is you now have an LCD screen with an extremely greenish color to it. Unfortunately, there is no way to replace that and you’re going to need an entire new LCD assembly now. I’ve seen that happen before a couple of times (when we first started researching this repair back in March of this year). Sorry I can’t give you better news on this one.

      • Michael says:

        I have since realized I basically destroyed the phone. We have a family plan and I used a upgrade plan and got a new S3 for free.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • Sorry to hear about the phone but glad it worked out. One thing to consider is selling it on eBay. If the motherboard still works, it’s worth at least $100 or more. Just be sure to wipe the data before mailing it anywhere.

  4. meilyn says:

    I did a screen replacement to my galaxy 3 for tmobile myself everything is fine the home buttom works and the outside buttons workd but my screen dosnt i cant touch an app or anything what do i do please dont tell me i have to buy a LCD

    • It’s hard to say for sure. Quick question: How did you secure the new glass down to the LCD? Did you use tape or did you use an UV adhesive? Once I know that, I can let you know what I think the problem might be.

  5. Kieri Ogden says:

    If i get the whole new front assembly and move all the components and motherboard to the new assembly will all of my pictures and info still be on the phone? or will disconnecting the ribbons and motherboard erase everything? this was the only thing i was worried about, please help i’m dying!

    • No need to worry. All your data will be safe. So you can go ahead and move everything over. Just be careful – some of those ribbon cables are pretty fragile (but even if you tear them you won’t lose data – you’ll just have to buy a new cable).

  6. Daniel says:

    Hi, i just finish swapping my screen glass, every thing okay, LCD Nice and clean, i put on a new screen, switch on the phone, lights on, music okay, i then i m not able to unlock the screen! What happen?


    • Daniel: It depends on what kind of device you have and how you put the new glass on. If you used tape to hold the new screen on, you will probably have some issues with the screen not responding to touch. You really want to use an optically clear UV adhesive.

      It’s also possible that you damaged the ribbon cable for the digitizer. On a Galaxy S3 you can see that ribbon cable at the bottom right of the screen with the glass off. On the Galaxy S4 you’ll see it on the top left.

      Let me know exactly which version of the Galaxy S you have and how you put the new glass on and maybe I can give you some more help.

      • Daniel says:

        Appreciate you applying to my message.

        My Samsung is the S3, i toke the glass out quite easy, but before i put the new glass on i try to switch on the Mobile to see if the screen was okay, and it was, but didn t reacted to my touch. so when i put the glass on I didn t put any type of glue or tape so its easy to remove it with out damage the glass. but i will check what did you say about the cable. regards

        • Check the entire ribbon cable at the bottom. You’ll see a big “cable” on the right but it runs across the entire bottom of the LCD. If it’s pulled up or torn anywhere along there, that will almost certainly be the problem. Unfortunately, if that is the case, the only way to fix it now is to purchase an entire new LCD assembly.

          Let me know what you find out.

  7. sam says:

    My galaxy s3 fell off my chair about a week ago and busted the corner of it up.. The touch part works fine but now I’m losing pieces of the glass by my home button.. Is there a way I could patch it until I have no choice but to replace it? Like use a thin layer of silicone or some tape? Something that won’t mess with the touch capabilities?

    • Sam: We’ve had more than a few people walk into our store with a phone they’ve been using for weeks (or months) that is being held together by packing tape. That will definitely work to help hold the glass in and still allow you to see the screen and use all the touch functionality.

  8. Joel H says:

    Hey Guys – Thank you for answering all these questions, awesome! I replaced the glass on my S3 but found a small (1/2in) roughly circular area near the center that seems to be either touching or not touching the LCD behind it. Everything works fine, but it looks “off” so I replaced it a second time a few months later. The new glass shows the same issue (argh!) but with a smaller (roughly) circular area (about 1/8in), again near the center. I used the standard 2mm tape that everyone else seems to be using, and it’s perfectly clean and flat as far as I could tell both times. Any idea what is causing this or how to fix it? This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQO7ZvSa5Lw&t=7m51s) was the tape pattern i used. Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Joel: The problem is the taping technique itself. What you’re seeing is the glass coming into contact with the LCD. The only way to prevent this if you want to use the taping method is to add a second (or maybe even third) layer of tape along the sides. Of course, once you do that, you’ll find that the touch sensitivity isn’t as good and you’ll have to press harder to get the touchscreen to work.

      The other problem with the taping method is locking up the phone. If you press too hard and slide, the phone’s touchscreen will “lock-up”. In other words, it won’t respond to touch at all until you hit the power button and then hit it again.

      The best way to fix all of these problems is to go with the optically clear UV glue. If you want, I did an entire video on our whole process for that. It’s about 45 minutes long but you could start at the 10:37 mark to see how we do the gluing and curing.

      Give a shout if you have any other questions.

        • Great to hear. Let me know in a few weeks how that works out. We’ve seen the double tape layer fix the “puddling” issue but then in a few weeks the screen becomes less and less responsive to touch.

          Congrats on getting it working and good luck!

  9. Evelyn says:

    My galaxy S3 fell down a couple stairs and my screen is messed up. the glass is not cracked on the outside but I can see cracks and it doesn’t light up. how much would it cost to fix?

  10. shahin says:

    Hi I have Samsung s3 I change lcd my self its working good but doesn’t work back button and menu please help me up thx SGT 999V

    • Shahin: It sounds like you probably ripped the ribbon cable at the bottom of the phone that controls the menu and back buttons. Unfortunately, it’s close to impossible to fix that without replacing the entire LCD. This is because that ribbon cable runs underneath the LCD and then plugs into the back of it. If you want to get that fixed, you’re going to need to go with a full LCD repair at this point. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  11. Tracy Walker says:

    I just replaced the screen on my galaxy s3 and I’m finding that the return button at the bottom of the screen don’t respond as well. I have to posted it a few times to get a response. Everything else works fine but what happened to my return button?

    • Tracy: I just added a 13th question to the list above because you’re about the 4th person to ask this exact question. From what you’re describing, I believe you’re in the luckier camp – you probably just have the ribbon cable misplaced or too far away from the glass (if you had ripped the ribbon cable, you’d need to buy the full LCD replacement to fix it – which would be expensive). You will need to pull the glass off again and make sure the menu/back buttons are lined up properly. I recommend putting some quality double-sided tape on top of them so that they end up sticking tight to the glass.

      If you want, check out our other blog post that shows exactly how we fix a Galaxy S3 screen from start to finish. You’ll see how we attach the buttons in that video.

  12. Mariya says:

    Hello, thank you so much for all of the information. I have a question and hoping that you could help me. I need to repair my phone quickly, and I don’t have needed finances to order the UV glue. Could I use glass glue from Home Depot or some other glue that can be bought at the store? I checked online…but didn’t find any stores that sell UV glue. Are there any like target of office depot?

    Really appreciate your time,

    • Mariya: Sorry for the delay in answering this. Probably a little late for you but hopefully your question can help someone else.

      I don’t recommend using glass glue from Home Depot. I’ve never tried it so I can’t say for sure if it will work or not but I would be doubtful. First, I’m not sure if it will cure perfectly clear. Secondly, if you encounter any issues, I suspect it will be extremely hard to impossible to redo the repair again. We’ve had people super glue things before and bring them in to us to fix after the fact and that stuff cures like concrete and makes a re-repair almost impossible. This glass glue is most likely similar.

      But, as I said, it’s not something I’ve ever tried so if anyone out there has done this, let us know what you think.

  13. samrep says:

    After replacing my samsung s3 glass i found that screen / touch screen is not working I can see home , other buttons working also able to call my phone also. Let me know where did mistake

    • Samrep: It’s hard to say for sure without seeing your phone but my guess is that you broke the LCD during the repair. You either cracked it (which would give you a black screen) and/or you tore the ribbon cable at the bottom of the LCD (which would cause the touchscreen to not work and/or make the screen black).

      Either way, it looks like you’ll probably need to now get a full LCD assembly on your phone to do the replacement. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  14. Brandie says:

    I just bought a few S3’s off of ebay and noticed that one two of them the edge of the screen is lifting up just enough for hair and dirt to get under it and make the button to where it is no longer flush with the rest of the screen. Everything work, its just irritating and I am afraid that it will only get worst and will need to replace the screen all together. Is there any way that I can fix this problem now before it gets worst?

    • Brandie: It sounds like you bought a Galaxy S3 that had a broken screen that someone replaced using tape instead of the LOCA glue (which is what they should have used). You are correct that it is going to continue to gather more dust and it’s probably also going to start getting harder and harder to respond to touch (or you’ll end up with something like a “water spot” on the screen – not really water but it’ll look like it if the glass directly touches the LCD).

      I’d suggest one of two options:

      1. Return it to the seller because it’s not properly fixed.
      2. Have a professional repair shop fix it properly for you. Make sure they use LOCA glue. Obviously, this is a repair we can do if you’re interested.
  15. jania says:

    My galaxy s3 dropped and when I turned it on it was pink but my Lcd light still works ! But it will not let me swipe my screen or put in my password. Any suggestions ?

    • Jania: The problem is the LCD is broken. It sounds like the picture still works but Samsung built the digitizer into the LCD on that phone. This means you’re going to have to replace the entire front screen assembly – including the LCD.

  16. Bob Parrish says:

    I installed a new screen on my GS3 and everything works great EXCEPT the back button. The menu button works and lights both the menu and back buttons when depressed but the back button neither lights up nor functions. When I reinstalled the screen,I took care to place the menu and back buttons in the correct positions. Is it possibly that the back button is just slightly misaligned? And if so, can I remove the new screen without breaking it and the reinstall it after realigning the back button?

    • Bob: Most likely you tore the button and the entire flex cable needs to be replaced. Hard to say for certain but if the button was just off slightly you should still be able to get it to work by pressing in the general vicinity of the button.

      • Bob Parrish says:

        If I tore the ribbon, I would think that the back button wouldn’t light up but it does when I press the menu button. If it’s just a case of misalignment, is it possible to remove the new screen, realign the ribbon and then put the SAME SCREEN back on?

        • Using the same screen is possible but it can be a bit tricky. You’ll have to clean it thoroughly before reusing it but be careful or you can scrape some of the colored paint off of it (depending on the color screen).

          As to the button, it’s hard to say. You’ll know for sure when you open it back up. You can turn the screen on – without any glass on it – and test the buttons to see if they work. If they do, then it was just a misalignment issue. That said, a small tear in the cable could allow it to still light up but not function. Hard to say for sure.

          • Bob Parrish says:

            Thanks so much for your help! I’ll be sure to post the results here after taking the screen off so that others can benefit from my experience.

    • Bob Parrish says:

      I’ve found a solution to my inoperable back button. Google Play offers several apps that install soft key back buttons on your screen. I’ve found them to be a bit cludgy but no more than a minor annoyance so I’m going to simply abandon my pursuit of a repair. Again, thanks to all who took the time to respond.

  17. Athar Nisar says:

    I bought a new housing for my Galaxy S3 and now I am stuck. I have seen tutorials for removing the glass screen and the LCD. The Glass Screen and the LCD are fine but the problem is to remove them without damaging them.
    Also if I’m successful in removing the glass screen and LCD then after putting the LCD back on to the new housing do i have to have something to apply between the LCD and the Glass Screen?

    • Athar: Sorry for the late reply. The Galaxy S3 is extremely hard to remove the LCD from the frame without breaking it. If you’ve never done it before, I would say it’s almost impossible.

  18. William Meador says:

    Excellent information you have here and a lot of good fixes. I performed a glass replacement and everything works great except if I press firmly on the screen it quits responding until I put it to sleep and wake it up. Was wondering if you guys might share your thoughts on that issue. Thanks!!

    • William: Did you use a clear, liquid adhesive to do the repair or just use tape along the edges of the glass? I’m guessing you just used tape to hold the new glass down because what you’re describing is exactly the problem with using a tape only method – your screen will lock-up if you press too hard. In addition, you may eventually see a little “puddling” on the screen as the glass makes contact with the LCD over time.

  19. I have a situation where the menu button works without the glass on it but not with the glass on.The back button works without a hitch. I can seem to get enough pressure or something on it through the glass. I have cleaned up any excess glue or adhesive to ensure what I thought would be good contact but it still won’t work. I haven’t put any real glue or tape in there to hold in the glass yet so it’s easy to remove and test out the buttons. Its going to end up in an otterbox so I’m considering not worrying about glueing it in too tight in case something else goes wrong. Anyways….could it be in too tight. Maybe I removed too much of the surrounding black “adhesive” and its being in contact all the time. Any ideas what could be my problem? I really appreciate any help.

    • Tom: I’m really not sure in this case. I haven’t seen this before (I’ve seen the buttons not work but never work without the glass and then not work with the glass). If you had too much pressure it would be activating that button on you all the time so I don’t think that’s the problem. My only guess is that you maybe had the button out of position when you put it down. I recommend a tiny bit of double sided tape on the underside of the button to hold it in exactly the right spot when you put the glass on.

  20. Anjal Mohammed PC says:

    After only replacing the glass (not the lcd) , my phones button(like keyboard buttons etc) is less reactive. They dont resond sometimes. Is there any way to fix the problems? Mail me…..

    • Anjal: Can you elaborate a bit on the “phone button”? Do you mean the menu and back buttons on the very bottom? Or do you mean the actual touchscreen itself isn’t responding sometimes?

      One other question: Did you replace the glass using just tape to hold it down or did you use a LOCA glue to do it? If you just used tape, then that will be a problem – it causes the screen to be less sensitive and/or lockup from time-to-time.

      Let me know for sure what isn’t working and I can get you more details.

  21. Alex Ramirez says:

    I removed the glass on a customer galaxy S3 and now the LCD is black. I have done this many time. I know what I am doing. I can not see any cracked or damaged on LCD or Ribbon flex cable ripped at all. I did used proper amount of heat and pressure when lifting glass. What could cause the LCD to go black? I can hear sounds and ring tone but no visible display. Please help Thank you I really appreciated.

    • Alex: You broke the LCD and you’ll have to buy a brand new one. I know you might not see a crack anywhere, but it’s broken. It’s either broken at the very top or bottom or the ribbon cable was damaged. I’ve seen this a couple of times and you have to put in a brand new LCD.

      • Alex Ramirez says:

        Thank you for Replying. So what is the best method to remove the glass on a Samsung galaxy without breaking the LCD again in the future? Thanks.

      • Jeff M says:

        I’m in the same boat. I’ve done many of these and never had a problem. I use a professional hot plate and keep the temp of the glass/lcd between 200 and 220 Fahrenheit. I go slowly allowing the glue to separate reheating frequently to keep the correct temp. I also use a laser thermometer. The crack was a star like crack starting from the center of the screen. Is it possible that there was already damage at the point of impact?

  22. Martina says:

    I’ve just done a screen repair (glass) on my samsung s3. I was very careful and didn’t see any mistakes to damage the LED. I cleaned the screen and applied tape, heating to secure replacement screen. I turned it on a few times and have the problem that the touch screen does not work. The menu lights up and the home button works, but the back button doesn’t. What have I done wrong and can I fix it? If I have broken the back button cable, is there a picture to show what it’s supposed to look like? I just read somewhere that the touch screen might not work because the screen isn’t touching the LED properly and that is because I should of used adhesive glue and not tape? Thank you for replying.

    • If the touch screen doesn’t work, you damaged the ribbon cable on the bottom right. It doesn’t take hardly anything to damage that and if you did, the touch screen won’t work and you’ll need to replace the entire thing.

  23. Martina says:

    Forgot to say that the screen is fine but there is a triangle warning symbol in the top corner.

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