What We Do

Provide a great device repair service.

We’d like to think we do a lot more than just that, though.

Our company’s purpose is to make people happy. That includes our customers, our employees, our vendors and everyone else we touch. We’re even on a first name basis with our mailman and we love him.

Yes, we can fix your broken device. But our goal is to make the entire experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Who We Are

We have a very simple hiring philosophy: Hire people that are intelligent, interesting, and who like other people. We think the easiest part of the job is teaching someone how to fix devices. The thing we can’t teach someone is truly enjoy the company of others – their coworkers and our customers.

The Genesis

The story of Jet City Device Repair begins in 2007, in the dark, with one very sleepy person stumbling out of bed in the morning to get ready for work. It also involves a T-MOBILE DASH CELL PHONE, a pair of jeans, and a less than stellar dirty laundry organizational system.

Here’s the story in my own words (my name is Matt McCormick and I founded Jet City Device Repair):

I got out of bed one morning blurry-eyed and tired, took a few steps and there, under my heel, I discovered that I’d not only been careless by throwing my jeans in the middle of the floor the night before, but I’d left my expensive smartphone in the pocket.

Smartphone + Heel = Broken Smartphone

T-Mobile said the phone was unfixable and I’d have to spend $299 to replace it. No way. It was just a cracked LCD and everything else worked great, so it was off to Youtube to watch some repair videos and then eBay to find some parts and tools.

The whole process took about 4 hours and cost $75. It definitely would’ve been cheaper (if you count time spent) and faster to just buy the new phone like T-Mobile wanted, but then I wouldn’t have had the fun of fixing my own phone, nor would I have been struck by the idea of starting a small side business fixing T-Mobile Dash cell phones for people.

Armed with this idea, my software development skills, $600 from savings and a little knowledge of Google Adwords, I launched a simple website offering T-Mobile Dash repairs for people through the mail (the iPhone didn’t even exist yet).

Within a week, people from all over the country started mailing me their broken phones, I’d fix them in my basement, and mail them back.

The Revelation

By late 2008, I had added a few more phones to our list of repairs. The most significant of which was the new iPhone 3G. Business erupted.

At the same time, a great friend and past co-worker at Microsoft (Tom) suggested it was time to put the freelance web development business down and pursue the smart phone repair business full-time with him as my business partner.

It was a fantastic idea.

Over the next month I closed out all of my freelance clients and worked with Tom to develop a business plan. Part of that business plan was for him to run our Seattle area business and for me to move to Chicago and start a branch there (I’m from a small town in southern Wisconsin and wanted to get closer to my family). This should help explain a common question we get asked: “Why stores in Seattle and Chicago?”

Our Growth

I had always aspired to be a mogul and/or a Titan of industry – perhaps even a more benevolent version of the 19th century robber baron. But as a software developer I’d always thought that business would be in the form of bits and bytes – not fixing broken electronics.

While I have yet to reach the standards of a Titan, the decision to pursue and grow this business has been incredibly rewarding.

Over the past six years we’ve taken this business from two guys working out of their homes fixing maybe 100 devices a month, to six stores in four cities with 25 employees (and growing), and helping over 2000 customers every month. It’s an amazing experience and I think we’re just getting started.

Our Future

We hope to bring Jet City Device Repair’s smart phone and tablet repairs to many more cities over the next couple of years. We’ve also begun to help a number of schools fix their broken iPads (and more recently Google Chromebooks). This is not only going to be great for our business, but will also allow us to fulfill our core mission: To make people’s lives better. For us, those people include our employees, our customers, our vendors, and the communities we work in.

Thanks to you, our customers, our incredible employees, and the great vendors that supply us with parts. It’s been a fun ride so far, but we truly believe the real excitement is yet to come. We hope you’ll all be a part of that journey.