$20 Off Trade-In iPhone Repair

Is your iCloud back up turned on?

Don't lose those moments....
Don’t lose those moments…

One of the most stressful things about something happening to your phone is losing data.  Those photos you just took of your newborn, a family reunion, or even that perfect vacation you just got back from, often only exist in one place.  Your iPhone.  If iCloud is turned on, copies are saved on Apple’s servers, and your other Apple devices might also be able to access that photo stream.  But what if it’s turned off?  Not only did your phone just fall into a lake, but all those memories might be destroyed along with it!  When it comes down to it, an iPhone is replaceable, but your data isn’t. Continue reading “Is your iCloud back up turned on?”

$20 Off Trade-In iPhone Repair

Apple’s planned obsolescence for the iPhone 5?

I bought an iPhone 5 right after it came out and was pretty happy with it until about a month ago when I updated to the latest Apple system release – iOS 9. This particular upgrade was a major downgrade in my smart phone experience.

Beware iOS 9 on pre-iPhone 6 phones.
Beware iOS 9 on pre-iPhone 6 phones.

What happened?

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$20 Off Trade-In iPhone Repair

Fire your CTO if your company buys cell phone insurance. He’s bad at math.

Ten years ago I was introduced to the game of Texas Hold ’em. I spent some time reading and studying the game and in most situations can hold my own. A big reason for this is because I understand “pot odds.” It’s a must learn concept for poker players, and it helps explain why insurance is a bad deal.

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$20 Off Trade-In iPhone Repair

What’s Your Used iPad Worth as a Trade-In

Have an old iPad laying around and you’re itching to get your hands on the new iPad Air? Or maybe you could just use some extra cash for the holiday season. Either way, there are lots of options right now for getting cash or store credit for an old iPad. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the places that will offer you some kind of financial incentive to trade-in your iPad but it covers a wide range of options.


  1. You’ll get the most money on eBay but it’s by far the most work and no guarantee on pricing.
  2. The simplest and most immediately gratifying solution for most people is Target. Just walk into a store and they’ll give you a decent store credit (so you have to spend the money at Target).
  3. If you’re a gamer that lives near a GameStop, you’ll get a pretty decent amount of in-store credit from them. The cash value they give isn’t great.
  4. If you want the most money for the least amount of work no matter where you live in the United States, use Gazelle.com. Super easy – they pay for shipping and even mail you a shipping box – and they give some decent rates.

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