Apple Watch Repair – Same Day Awesomeness

Apple Watch Repair

The Apple Watch goes everywhere you go. It assists you in counting steps or can even help you find your iPhone that was lost under a couch cushion. But like it’s big brother, the iPhone, the battery ages and can be easily damaged. Unlike a smartphone, the watch is strapped to your wrist. This makes it even more exposed to the elements and potential damage. Like our manager Neal Dexter¬†explained to USA Today, mobile electronics are getting more fragile and easy to break. Especially so with wearable tech. That is where Jet City Device Repair steps in. Our techs are proud to help and start offering the Apple Watch Repair.

Jet City technicians are awesome at what they do. Just check out our 1,058 5-star yelp reviews if you don’t believe us.

We have repaired our fair share of Apple Watch devices since they have been on the market. Here are the two most requested Apple Watch Repairs:

  • Screen Repair
  • Battery Repair

How to Have Your Apple Watch Repaired

Our technicians are experienced at the Apple Watch Repair. We have taken special measures to offer these repairs same day or with a 1-hour appointment. If you are not sure what is happening with your device, we also offer free diagnostics. If you know what repair you need, just follow these steps:

  1. Contact your closest shop to schedule or ask any questions about your Apple Watch Repair.
  2. Come in at your appointment time to check in your device.
  3. The repair takes about 1 hour to complete. We have free coffee and WiFi while you wait.

Not From Seattle or Chicago?

We realized not everyone is a city person. Some people simply don’t like traffic. We definitely don’t want to leave anyone stuck with a broken device because of that. That is why we accept mail-in repairs from anywhere in the country. Once received, the majority of our mail-in repairs are fixed the same day they land and then placed back in the mail. We have a lot of experience with shipping electronics. Here is a video we put together a short video a few years back with a few tricks and tips. Check it out:

We are here to help! Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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