Apple’s planned obsolescence for the iPhone 5?

I bought an iPhone 5 right after it came out and was pretty happy with it until about a month ago when I updated to the latest Apple system release – iOS 9. This particular upgrade was a major downgrade in my smart phone experience.

Beware iOS 9 on pre-iPhone 6 phones.
Beware iOS 9 on pre-iPhone 6 phones.

What happened?

Basically, the responsiveness of the phone slowed to unacceptable levels. Here are a few examples of what was happening:

  1. About 60% of the time when I’d go to unlock my phone, the system would miss my first key punch. This might not sound like a big deal but unlocking my phone to use it was now instinctively punching in 4 keys, noticing that only 3 presses registered, deleting backwards three times, and then re-entering my code. I unlock my phone a lot during the day so this was a major headache.
  2. Random freezing for up to 5-10 seconds. I’d be texting or trying to take a picture and the phone would just freeze up – completely unusable for several seconds. This would maybe happen 3 or 4 times a day.
  3. Some Apps completely freezing. The most common problem was with my banking app. It would just stop working. This was not the 5-10 second freeze problem from #2. This would hang completely and I’d have to kill the app and restart it.
  4. Massive battery drain. Maybe it was just time for a battery replacement, but the timing was very curious. I used to be able to get through a full day and suddenly I would have to plug in my phone by 4 or 5 o’clock.

Let me be clear that my phone still worked. What I just described are mostly first world problems but they were still problems that I shouldn’t have had to deal with.

And one of the worst parts? There’s no way to “undo” an iOS upgrade. You can’t just revert the system back to iOS 8. Your phone is forever going to be stuck in this state.

Unless of course you do what I did and what I believe Apple plans on you doing: Upgrading your phone to the newest version.

Now I’m the owner of an iPhone 6S and all of these problems have gone away.

That’s pretty much the perfect execution of the planned obsolescence model.

One thought on “Apple’s planned obsolescence for the iPhone 5?

  1. Daniel Bryant says:

    Seriously, this happened to me as well. I had an iPhone 6 plus, worked fantastic up until the iOS 9 upgrade. Then POOF, terrible reception, lag, slowdowns. Worst experience I ever had with Apple.

    Then I decided to change to Samsung and I’ve been happy so far… we’ll see how they do.

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