Broken Chromebooks & iPads

Introducing TechUnwreck

You’ll notice the JCD website is highly focused on retail customers. It’s easy to see that, if you have a broken iPhone or iPad, you can walk into one of our stores and usually walk out in about 30 minutes with a fixed device. However, since 2014, we’ve also been doing bulk, mail-in repairs for schools (and a few businesses) – but that kind of information has been hard to find on our site. Until now…

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Broken Chromebooks & iPads

Affordable iPhone Back Glass Replacement

iPhone Back Glass ReplacementApple did something strange with the release of the iPhone 8 – they made the back out of glass. This was a strange decision considering the #1 iPhone repair has always been a cracked front screen. But it gets worse. They not only made the back out of glass, but glued it on so tightly that an iPhone back glass replacement is extremely difficult to perform.

Some people have resorted to using dry ice (not something we’d recommend). Alternatively, some repair shops just replace the entire back housing of your iPhone. Not only is this part expensive but it requires moving the iPhone’s internal components to the new frame – a tedious and risky thing to do. This means most repair shops either don’t offer this repair or they charge a fortune to do it.

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Broken Chromebooks & iPads

Nintendo Switch Repair Now Available

Nintendo Switch RepairDo you have a broken screen on your Nintendo Switch (either the front glass, the LCD, or both)? Need a battery replacement? Something else? We can help!

The Nintendo Switch repair is now available at Jet City Device Repair. We’ve been fixing smartphones, tablets, and laptops for over 12 years. We have a great technicians that don’t just fix devices – they are also amazing with customers. Just check out actual customer reviews for proof.

Oh, and it’s less expensive than buying a new Nintendo Switch.

Where to go?

We have two retail locations in the Seattle area and one in Chicago. Don’t live near one of our stores? No sweat, we also do Nintendo Switch repair through the mail.

Why Jet City Device Repair?

  • We’ve been in business since 2008.
  • Fixed over 250,000 devices.
  • More than 1,000 5-star reviews on Yelp (see our Chicago, Seattle, and Bellevue, WA reviews).
  • Lifetime guarantee on most repairs (1 year on battery replacements).

How long does a Nintendo Switch repair take?

The actual repair only takes an hour, but we currently stock a limited number of parts. We highly recommend contacting us to setup an appointment. If we don’t have the part, we will order it (which can take up to a week) and then contact you when it comes in to setup a repair time. Then you bring it in and we fix it in 1 hour.

Broken Chromebooks & iPads

Protecting Customers & Employees from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest Update

Coronavirus: keeping employees & customers safe.May 1, 2021 – Back to (mostly) Regular Hours

In the past few months we’ve closed stores and then reopened with limited hours & staff. We are now back to full strength. Here are the hours we are currently open.

Wallingford Store (Seattle, WA)
10am – 7pm Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Bellevue Store (Bellevue, WA)
10am – 7pm Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Loop Store (Chicago, IL)
9am – 7pm Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Jet City Precautions & Procedures

We’re being careful as we reopen.

Our goal is to get back to business AND keep employees, customers, and our communities safe. We wish some of these steps weren’t necessary because we enjoy making customers comfortable and socializing with them, but these steps are critical to keep people safe.

  1. Coronavirus: protectiong employees & customersEmployees wear masks.
  2. Customers must wear masks. Don’t have one? We have disposable masks for free.
  3. Physical barrier between employees and customers.
  4. Only 1 customer in the store at a time.
  5. Waiting / lounge / common areas closed.
  6. Lots of hand sanitizer for everyone.
  7. Disinfect common surfaces several times a day.
  8. Contactless hand-off of devices.
  9. Devices cleaned before & after repair.
  10. Contactless credit card payment.
  11. Credit card payments encouraged, but we will accept cash.
  12. Frequent hand washing by employees.

We know there is no fool-proof way to stop the spread of germs, but we think these precautions will help keep staff and customers healthy.

Have other suggestions for us? We’d love to hear them. Please let us know.

Reader View

Reader View – Tips and Tricks

The Internet can be a cluttered place on mobile phones. You’ll encounter ads, pop-ups, and unfriendly mobile web design. Reading an article from your favorite content creator can be a chore. Is it difficult to tell where an article ends and an advertisement begins? That is where “reader view” steps in.

It is difficult to tell what is part of the article and not an advertisement? That is where “reader view” steps in.

Today marks the end of your accidental ad-click woes.

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Why Did My Phone Stop Charging?

Why Did My Phone Stop Charging? A Lint Story

The Silent Charging Port Killer

Have you noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to charge your phone? Do you need to hold your charging cable at weird angles just to make a connection? Wrapping or forcing your cable to charge are temporary fixes that can be harmful to your phone. Fortunately, there is a fix. It just might not be what you think. To answer the question, “Why Did My Phone Stop Charging?” we have to first shift our focus to a place that millions of people have in their very homes. The laundry room.

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Bellevue Shop

Around Town In Bellevue – Planning For Your Repair.

Have you ever forgot your phone somewhere? Being without the digital yellow pages or map in your pocket can make getting things done difficult. It can feel like it takes two extra steps to do anything. Jet City Device Repair wants to make your life easier. Not only do most of our repairs take less than an hour to fix, but we have also taken extra steps to make your repair experience as painless as possible. This includes our in-shop amenities and our technician’s local food and activities recommendations around town in Bellevue.

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wallingford shop

Top 5 Spots Near Our Wallingford Shop

Jet City Device Repair in Wallingford wants to make getting your phone repaired a breeze. This is why we think planning for your repair can make life that much easier.  While we do offer some great amenities at our shop, the neighborhood itself has so much to offer. We decided to ask our technicians about their top 5 spots near our Wallingford shop.

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Jet City Device Repair

Planning For Your Repair – Chicago

Hello Chicago! Are you thinking about having your phone fixed at our Loop shop? Our 30 minute iPhone repair time may not seem long but it can be quite a change of pace to be without your phone. Especially trying to navigate the city! Planning for your repair at our shop can make your experience even more seamless and hopefully enjoyable! Our customer’s come in during their work break, on their errand-run, or while they are just visiting Chicago. We wanted to put together a list of common activities our customers do while we are working on their device.\

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Providing a Great Customer Experience

How to Create a Great Customer Experience

A few years ago the New York Times wrote an article about Jet City Device Repair and customer reviews. The article is a bit dated (for example, we now offer a lifetime guarantee versus a 90 day warranty), but the basic point of the article is still relevant – we truly value customer feedback.

The article is about our logistics of asking for a review and how we handle bad ones, but it doesn’t dive into how we create a 5-star experience for customers (we have over 1000 5-star reviews across our stores). I thought it may be insightful for other business owners – or potential customers – to know how we do it.

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