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Jet City Device Repair has been doing smartphone & tablet repair on Seattle’s Eastside since 2013 (started in Seattle in 2008). We’ve moved from  a small office in Bellevue, to a retail store in Redmond, and in late  2017 we moved to our current location at 968 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA.

What We Do

5-Star Customer ReviewWe fix broken smartphones  & tablets (think iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and the like). We strive to make the process as easy, fast, and affordable as possible. Here are a few key stats that make us believe we are succeeding:

  • iPhone Repairs: 21,550
  • iPad Repairs:  4,521
  • Samsung Phone Repairs: 2,026
  • All Other Repairs (LG, Pixel, OnePlus, etc): 728

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why so few of the non-Apple repairs?” The answer is simple: We didn’t really start fixing Samsung phones until 2017 and it was only in 2018 that we decided to repair just about any mobile device.

“But,” you ask,  “what about the customer experience?” I’m glad you asked:

In other words, people love our service.

How We Do It

What makes this possible are the great people that work for us. We also have a company philosophy to make sure it’s a good place to work. From the Jet City mission statement:

Make people’s lives better. Our employees, customers, and investors – in that order. Happy and motivated employees create happy customers. Happy customers lead to a solid bottom line. 

To that end we provide an industry leading compensation package (good pay, health/dental insurance, and paid vacation & sick time). We also have a 4-day work week for technicians. This is a great benefit but it’s also essential to providing a great customer experience. Fixing devices all day long can be exhausting. Having 3 days a week off allows our techs to recharge their batteries and ensures our customers get an exceptional experience.

Our Store

Jet City Device Repair Bellevue Store InteriorFrequently heard at  our Bellevue store: “Wow! This is not what I expected a cell phone repair store to look like.” In other words, we’re not the shady, dirty, sell-anything-you-can-to-make-a-buck type of store.  We take pride in having a space that our customers and employees can enjoy.

This includes in and out of our store.  After all, you’ll likely be  without your cell phone for 20-30 minutes and you want something fun to do, right? We provide interesting books, magazines, games, and even free coffee. Prefer to step outside? We can recommend some excellent local establishments.

  • Cafe Cesura. Relaxing place to enjoy good coffee, excellent loose leaf tea, or delicious pastries.
  • Anchorhead Coffee. This is their 3rd location and it just opened down the street. Great vibe & excellent coffee.
  • Top Pot Doughnuts. We’re talking doughnuts. Need I say more?
  • Bellevue Public Library. When was the last time you visited your public library? Take the short walk from our shop and truly enjoy being without your cell phone for a bit. Grab a book. Sit down. Relax.

Our People

Smarthpone & Tablet Repair TechnicianWe’ve already mentioned this but it’s worth repeating: We take pride in hiring good people and treating them well. In return, they take great care of our customers. We currently have 3 repair technicians in our Bellevue store, a  receptionist, and our regional manager is in frequently.

  • Siawash is our regional manager. He’s been with us since July, 2013. He’s an excellent technician, and great at managing our technicians and delighting customers.
  • Muna is one of our most experienced technicians. She’s been with us since April, 2014.  Besides being great at standard repairs, she has mastered the art of microsoldering – which allows us to fix motherboard level repairs  (like the dreaded iPhone 7 Audio IC problem).
  • Tyrell started at our Wallingford store in May, 2017 and made the transition to Bellevue not long after. He also pitches in occasionally  at our Seattle repair depot (which does bulk, mail-in repairs for schools). If you’re ever in our store and like the decor, tell him, “Thank you.” He’s the one that redesigned the space last year.
  • Ryan is our most recent technician hire. He’s only been fixing devices since November, 2018 but he’s a fast learner, hard worker, and pays attention to detail. We’re excited to have him on board.
  • Kelsey is another recent hire and works the front desk as our receptionist. She’s the voice you’ll often hear on the other end of a phone call or the first face you’ll see when you walk through the door.

Need help or a cup of coffee?

Broken smartphone or  tablet? Whether it’s a cracked iPhone screen, a bad battery on an iPad, or something stuck in your Samsung Galaxy charging port, we can help. Or maybe you’re just in the neighborhood and want to swing by for a free cup of coffee? Go for it. We’re always happy to help fix your device or give you a caffeine fix.

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