Big Breakfast Plates at Couzin’s Cafe

Bellevue has some fancy places to enjoy breakfast, but sometimes you just want to grab some grub. You know what I’m talking about. Not flashy, hip, chic or modern. Sometimes a tiny waffle on a plank of wood just won’t cut it. That’s why during our last Jet City meeting shop meeting, we went to Couzin’s Cafe in Kirkland (what better way to discuss the business of fixing iPhones & iPads for people than over a stack of pancakes and a bottomless coffee).

Sure, it isn’t in Bellevue, but it’s not that far either. Plus, You’ll be hard pressed to find this sort of eatery in a city that houses the Bravern and Microsoft. The unassuming cafe sits right off NE 85th ave., next to Pub 85. A mere 15 minute drive from Jet City’s Bellevue store. If you blink, you’ll miss it, and I’m guessing that’s how the locals like it. You won’t find crowds of youngsters or large families piling in here. This is a real working class diner. “Shut up, and eat,” but with a smile.

You won’t find crowds of youngsters or large families piling in here.

The first thing I noticed was Couzin’s extensive selection of pancakes. Actually, that’s not true. The first thing I noticed was the cool fork-person holding the salt and pepper shakers, then the pancakes. Blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, chocolate chip, and coconut pancakes. You want it: they probably have it. They all come in threes, and they’re all huge. You’ve been warned.

We ordered a cinnamon roll which is large enough to share with a friend, or just big enough to feel really good/guilty for enjoying it alone. The service was friendly and fast. My coffee mug, despite my best efforts, never dropped below half full (I’m the optimistic type). The dedicated coffee station next to our table was not only quaint and charming, but also ensured that everyone in the dining room would have the hottest coffee in an instant. I burnt my tongue.

The food was big and delicious. The place was cozy and warm. The bill was not very high. If you’re heading in to get your phone fixed, and you’re looking for a big plate of greasy spoon comfort food, consider stopping by Couzin’s Cafe in Kirkland. And get the cinnamon roll. You’ll thank me for it.

The service was friendly and fast.

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