Celebrity in the (Seattle) House!

We had a very, very exciting customer visit the Seattle office yesterday. It was someone quite famous in the nerd circles that Tom and I travel in. Out of respect for our customer’s privacy, I’m not going to mention his name. However, to get an idea of his celebrity status, imagine Bill Gates, Alex Trebek, and John von Neumann all rolled into one unbelievable person. You now have an idea of the kind of mega star we’re dealing with here. And as big a fan as I am, Tom is twice the celebrity hound. What happened to Tom yesterday would undoubtedly happen to me if Chana Joffe-Walt walked into my office.

Let’s begin….

As anyone that has had a phone repaired by us in Seattle knows, we require an appointment. Like so many famous people before him, this Amazingly Wonderful and Energetic Selebrity Of Meaningful Exposure did not follow the rules. (For the record, I know that “selebrity” is spelled with a ‘C’ but using an ‘S’ allows for a much better acronym going forward.) AWESOME simply showed up at our office. In Tom’s own words:

If he had just called ahead, I could have prepared. I’d have done a little personal research, arranged topics of conversation, and had it all put down on neatly organized note cards.

But alas, Tom was not prepared. When AWESOME arrived, Tom immediately recognized him and about 3 seconds later began shaking uncontrollably with excitement and nervousness. I think letting Tom proceed in his own words at this point might be a good idea:

I was seriously concerned I was going to wreck his phone. I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking and I couldn’t focus. All I kept thinking was, “Oh my God, AWESOME is in my house. I can’t screw this up!” To make matters worse, I couldn’t even form complete sentences and I just kept stammering on about iPhones and how cool they are.

On the bright side, I’m sure he’ll be sending us all kinds of business. I can hear him talking to his friends now: “You have to get your iPhone fixed by Jet City Devices. It’s so great of them to hire special needs people to fix phones.

I’m such an unbelievable moron. Matt, on the other hand, is suave and smooth and almost as cool as AWESOME.

Okay, I might have taken some liberties with Tom’s statements on that last line, but you get the idea. Tom was totally star struck, but I’m proud of him for successfully fixing our first celebrity iPhone!

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  1. JCD Repair says:

    Nope. It also wasn’t Rick Steves as someone else asked me offline. Both are great guesses. Who knew there were so many brilliant famous people in the Seattle area.

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