Fixing Your Grayed Out Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

“Help! I just updated my iOS and now my iPhone’s Wi-Fi is grayed out and not working.”

This is a real problem that our customers ask us about and the internet is full of various threads addressing this. Even Apple has a page dedicated to trying to help people with this. Their solution on that page is pretty simple – just reset your network settings. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work very often and Apple’s second solution, if your phone is out of warranty, is to buy a new iPhone.

We have another option.

Grayed out WiFi? Here's a possible solution.
Grayed out Wi-Fi? Here’s a possible solution.

Often times the problem is that the phones software and the Wi-Fi chip are having “communication” problems related to the temperature sensors on the iPhone. The solution to this is to safely trip all the heat sensors on the phone, let it cool down, and then reset the network settings.

You can do this yourself if you have a hot plate handy that you can set to about 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit) and then let your iPhone sit, turned on and with the screen facing up, for about 5 minutes. Your phone will then pop a warning that basically says, “Shutting down because I’m too hot.” Don’t worry, nothing will be damaged as long as you have the temperatures set right and don’t heat it for too long.

At this point, you can remove the phone from the hot plate, let it sit and cool down for 20-30 minutes, turn it on, and then reset the network settings. At that point, your Wi-Fi should come back on.

Or, you could just bring it in to a Jet City Device Repair store and we’ll do┬áthis Wi-Fi repair for you on the spot.

Either way (whether you do it yourself or have us do it), there’s a chance it won’t work. Or, it may work initially and then 2-3 days later stop working again. This is indicative of a faulty hardware problem and, in that case, you probably are due for a new phone.

By the way, if you bring it to us, we won’t charge you if it doesn’t work or refund you your money if it stops working in the future.