Free Coffee & Donuts from Firecakes Donuts

Moving to a new location means we’ve got a whole bunch of new neighbors for you to enjoy while we repair your device! We’ve taken a quick liking to Firecakes because:

  1. They are friendly and awesome.
  2. We really like donuts.
  3. We also like coffee. In fact, we’re all kind of addicted.

FREE Donuts & Coffee

Free donuts and coffee
Free Donuts & Coffee

This is why we are so excited to feature Firecakes’ donuts and coffee during our Grand Opening celebration! From April 1 – 14 we will offer FREE coffee and donuts at our shop . Here is who is allowed to partake in this delicious treat:

  1. Everyone

You’ll notice that did not say, “our customers”. Of course, our customers are included in “everyone” so we hope they’ll indulge. Own or work at another Lincoln Park business? Come on down and enjoy donuts & coffee. Coming down to shop for shoes? Come in and enjoy. Did we mention they’re free?

I could continue doing this for a long time but I’ll spare you. If you’re reading this, you’re included in “Everyone” so please come in, grab a treat and some liquid energy and say hello. We’d love to meet you.

Now a bit more about Firecakes…

Free Firecake Donuts & Coffee
Boo snow. Yay donuts!


Firecakes makes donuts exciting (as if donuts needed any help) by offering small-batch donuts made in-house! They started in River North, and opened up their Lincoln Park location in January of 2016. They’ve got some out-of-this-world donut flavors, like Red Velvet, Coconut Cream, and Espresso, but they take donuts to the next level with their Giant Birthday Cake donut.

Even more impressive is their Ice Cream Donut Sandwich. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve envied it from afar, and it is exactly what it sounds like. A tasty donut cut in half with ice cream in the middle. There has never been a tastier way to spend some time while your phone gets fixed!

Great donuts are only part of their attraction. They also brew great coffee by La Colombe. Americano? Check! Latte? Check! Cold Brew? Probably a check but be warned that I might have cleaned them out because I love it so much.

Free Coffee
Coffee makes us fix phones twice as fast.

We love Firecakes not only for their amazing treats, but for their originality and friendly team. At Jet City we believe in doing what we do well while striving to create a comfortable, unique space for our customers. We are always interested in supporting other businesses that do the same, which is why we think you’ll love Firecakes too! Come sample their donuts and coffee during our Grand Opening from April 1 – 14, and I bet you’ll want to pay them a visit again after.

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