Looking for a Great Electronics Repair Teammate

Looking for a great place to work? How about a 4-day work week? Want health care? A company that’s growing and exciting to work for? Amazing co-workers?

Then you should apply to work for us. We’re looking for a great repair technician to help us fix iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, and more.

JCD Philosophy

Our mission as a company is to make people’s lives better. Our employees, our customers, and our owners — in that order. We firmly believe a happy employee will delight customers, and delighted customers result in a solid bottom line.

Does that sound like a company you’d like to work for? Do you believe you can help make our culture even better and stronger? Then we want you to apply to be a electronics repair technician for us.

Perks of Working at JCD

Some of our great technicians.

We want great people. Great people deserve a good work environment. Here’s how we achieve that.

  • 4-day work week with about 40 hours/week. You’ll work 3 days during the week and one weekend day.
  • Good  compensation. $17/hr plus monthly bonuses (which often come to $2/hr or more), paid vacation, paid sick-time off, and health+dental insurance.
  • Fixed Schedule. We try hard to make your work schedule fit your life schedule. It may change from time-to-time, but we don’t change it frequently. This means you can plan your life around work instead of the other way around.
  • Flexibility. Need an extra day or two off? Just coordinate with your co-workers to get your shifts covered and you’re all set.
  • Trust & Empowerment. We trust our employees to do what’s best for our customers.
  • Great co-workers. Since we strive to find the best people, you end up working beside some amazing people.

A quick note about our compensation.

When we hired our first employee in 2010 we paid $12/hr with no other benefits. It was all we could afford at the time. As our business has succeeded we’ve proactively improved that compensation. Just five years later, our starting pay is up to $17/hr (a 42% increase in 5 years), we’ve added a week of paid vacation, added paid sick time, and we now have dental & health insurance. This year we plan to add a 401K to the mix.

This company began with the belief that a business could both make money AND be a transformational force in the life of its employees. That means you can expect us to continue to improve compensation as the business continues to grow and thrive.

The Ideal Candidate

Since each shop has a small staff (3-4 people), it’s important that everyone gets along and works well together. What does the right person look like?

  • Interesting.
  • Respectful.
  • Good conversationalist.
  • Likes people.
  • Enjoys learning about new things.
  • A little bit nerdy.

It would be great if you have experience fixing electronics (smartphones, tablets, computers, printers, cameras, etc) but it’s not critical. If you believe you have an aptitude for fixing things, please apply (some of our best techs had never fixed a device before joining us).

Brief Company History

Jet City Device Repair started as a part-time venture in a Seattle basement in 2007 with $600. Today we have 4 retail stores in 2 states, 2 mail-in repair depots (mostly for fixing school devices), 22 employees, and fix over 2500 customer devices a month.  We expect to do about $3 million in sales in 2017.

Feel free to read the slightly outdated history of our business here.

What to do Next

Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to hiring@jcdrepair.com. Your cover letter should include the following 2 items:

  1. A paragraph about why you want to work for us and why you think you’d be good at it.
  2. Another paragraph telling us something interesting about yourself.

Why #2? First, we need to know you can write intelligently and fluently. Communicating with customers is a big part of the job. Secondly, it helps us discover your potential to be fun to work with. This single paragraph is as important as your resume and past work experience so take it seriously – but have some fun with it too.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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