Hiring: Lead Generation Specialist for Technology in Education

We’re looking for someone with a lot of energy and drive that wants to help build a great business. This position will start out cold-calling and emailing potential customers that need iPad & Chromebook repairs but, if you’re good, you will have the opportunity to move into a full-time sales role and take on more responsibility.

Our goal, with your help, is to grow our school device repair business by $1 million over the next two years. 

This is a great opportunity for someone that isn’t shy about making phone calls and is hungry to show what they can do. It can also be pretty financially rewarding – both in the near and long-term – for someone that’s successful.

About Jet City Device Repair

Hungry to build something great? Come run with us.

We do iPhone, iPad, and Chromebook repairs through two different divisions:

  1. Serving retail customers in one of our 4 walk-in stores.
  2. Doing bulk mail-in repairs for schools and businesses.

It is that second division that you would be working for. If you want to learn more about JCD, visit our slightly outdated “About Us” page. An important thing to know is our company’s core philosophy:

To make people’s lives better. Our employees, our customers, and our owners — in that order. We firmly believe a happy employee will delight customers, and delighted customers result in a solid bottom line.

Sounds corny but it’s true. One example of this in action is our owner’s response to a customer that questioned an employee’s integrity. The more monetary proof is this: We started in a Seattle basement in 2007 and today have 4 retail stores in 3 cities, 2 mail-in repair depots, 20 employees, and we’ll do about $3 million in sales in 2017. And here are a few customer Yelp reviews for our Lincoln Park and Loop stores.

We believe all of this is possible because of the values we try to live every day.

Job Description

Your job will be to find, contact, and qualify potential customers. After that you will set up an appointment between that person and one of our sales people. From that point on, the sales person will be responsible for verifying the lead and then closing the sale.

Here are some things you’ll be doing:

  • Using tools like Data.com and other sources to discover potential leads.
  • Running email and cold-calling campaigns to contact and vet those leads.
  • Setting up appointments for a sales person who will try to close the customer.
  • Helping with trade shows (about 3-5 per year).
  • Exploring other marketing channels for generating qualified leads.
  • Maintaining good data in our CRM system.

You’ll also help build the above systems. This means you’ll have a massive impact on how our sales division will run and look.

You’re going to enjoy this job if you’re hungry to prove yourself, love talking to people, don’t mind a bit of rejection, and are willing to work hard.


We’d love you to have the following traits:

  • Some professional sales experience.
  • You truly enjoy doing sales.
  • Great with people and like technology.
  • Willing to work hard.
  • Resilient (you’ll be told, “no,” a lot more than, “yes”).
  • Very organized.
  • Highly reliable.


Our objective is to align your financial interests with ours. That means the base salary will be low but the commission structure lucrative if you’re successful.

The base pay will be about $30K per year. You’ll get $100 add-on for every qualified lead you discover and schedule to talk with one of our sales people. If you can setup 20 qualified appointments a month, you’ll get an extra $2K added to your check. That means your pay jumps to $54K – and that’s if you can just setup one qualified appointment per day. If you can get to two or three a day…well, you can probably do the math.

In addition, we provide the following benefits:

  • Paid vacation.
  • Health & Dental insurance.
  • 401K plan (hopefully) in place by the end of 2017.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Possibility to work remotely.

That last point is important. We would prefer you are based out of our Chicago office (at least initially), but if you’re the right person for the job we would be willing to let you work wherever you want. The main goal is for you to be really good at this job. If that means you want to live and work in Montana or Miami, then we don’t mind as long as you’re great at generating qualified leads.

How to Apply

The application process is simple: Just send a resume and cover letter to hr@jcdrepair.com. Be sure to let us know about your past experience and why you think you’d be a great fit for this position.

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