How Jet City Device Repair Got Started

In 2007, Matt McCormick decided to leave his job as a programmer for Microsoft and to start his own company. Initially, he helped small businesses build and maintain their websites. To better understand his customers’ needs, Matt decided to create his own e-commerce website. But doing what?

Shortly after starting out on his own, Matt broke the screen on his T-Mobile Dash. Like most people, he went to the dealership and was told he had to buy a new phone. So he did, and then a week later he stepped on that phone and broke the screen again. Sometimes fate demands to be heard.

This time Matt took the effort to figure out how to repair his own phone. First came the hours of online research to find a replacement screen and all the right tools. Then, after a week waiting for the supplies to arrive, an hour was spent getting the phone torn apart and put back together. Now with a working phone in hand, the idea for a cell phone repair company was born.

Armed with this new idea, the next task was to build a website. Initially the site offered one service: The repair of a broken T-Mobile Dash screen and was called “T-Mobile Dash Screen Repair”. After several months repairing a few phones a week, another phone was added: The AT&T Tilt. At the same time, Matt expanded his marketing efforts and soon 20+ phones a week were arriving. In other words, a full-fledged business was born.

Today that business, now called Jet City Devices Repair, fixes a wide variety of phones like the iPhone, Droid Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S, and many more. They have two offices, one in Seattle and one in Chicago, two owners, and four employees. Its success is driven by customers that are more than just satisfied with their repairs. Many of are ecstatic at the service they receive. Consider Nick D’s comment on the Jet City Device Repair Facebook page:

“Thanks for fixing my wife’s shattered Droid Incredible screen. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you just gave her a new phone. It’s that perfect!”