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iPad 6 Tear Down and Screen Repair Details

Posted by Matt McCormick on April 9, 2018

It's official: The new iPad 6th generation's screen repair will be simple and low-cost for us to fix. Our recent tear down shows that Apple has retained the non-laminated screen design. This means the screen technology consists of a separate digitizer and LCD (compared to the fused construction of the iPad Pro models). This is a similar construction to all base iPad models going back to the iPad 2 released in 2011.

Tear Down Video

Two of our stellar technicians, Chris and Leo, put together this video. It's short, simple, and to the point.

Tear Down Details

There are a few things of importance from this video:

  1. The screen is "non-laminated".  That means the digitizer and LCD are separate parts. That's excellent for repairability costs.

  2. The iPad 6 screen is not compatible with any of the previous iPad versions. You'll have to find a new supplier for these screens.

  3. There is adhesive under each corner of the LCD. This makes it a bit harder to get the LCD out so be careful.

  4. The LCD connectors look like the iPad 5 LCD connectors but they're not compatible. We tried an iPad 5 LCD just to see what happened. The connectors fit but the picture did not work.


As a company that's been fixing iPads since 2011, we are excited to see Apple both providing affordable iPads and constructing them in such a way that the screen repair process will be simple and low-cost (as opposed to the iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro models which are quite expensive to fix).

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