iPad 6 Tear Down and Screen Repair Details

iPad 6 Tear Down and Screen RepairIt’s official: The new iPad’s screen repair will be easy for us to do and low-cost. Our iPad 6 tear down shows that Apple has returned to a non-laminated screen construction (like the iPad 2, 3, 4, 5, and Air). This means the screen technology consists of a separate digitizer and LCD (compared to a fused construction like the iPad Air 2 or Pro models). This is good news because it means the iPad 6 screen repair will not require a new LCD every time you want to do a cracked glass repair. In other words, it will not be that expensive to fix the iPad 6!

Tear Down Video

Two of our stellar technicians, Chris and Leo, put together this video. It’s short, simple, and to the point.

Tear Down Details

There are a few things of importance from this video:

  1. The screen is “non-laminated”.  That means the digitizer and LCD are separate parts. That’s excellent for repairability costs.
  2. The iPad 6 screen is not compatible with any of the previous iPad versions. You’ll have to find a new supplier for these screens.
  3. There is adhesive under each corner of the LCD. This makes it a bit harder to get the LCD out so be careful.
  4. The LCD connectors look like the iPad 5 LCD connectors but they’re not compatible. We tried an iPad 5 LCD just to see what happened. The connectors fit but the picture did not work.

Note: Don’t be fooled by vendors on eBay claiming they have an “iPad 6 / iPad Air 2” screen. The confusion is because some vendors in the past referred to the iPad Air 2 as an iPad 6. They are not the same thing! Make sure to verify the screens work with the iPad 6 (model numbers A1893 and A1954).


As a company that fixes iPads for schools, we are excited to see Apple both providing low-cost iPads for schools and constructing them in such a way that the iPad repair process will be simple and low-cost (as opposed to the iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro models which are quite expensive to fix).

6 thoughts on “iPad 6 Tear Down and Screen Repair Details

  1. Roger mayes says:

    A bit more complicated than I thought I’ve worked a good bit on X-ray s , but been out of it for years now and am intimidated . How much is your replacement . I see the units for sale on amazon from $20 up . But like to have a pro do it thanks roger mayes .

    • We recently dropped our iPad 6 screen repair pricing to $89 (from $129 a month ago). The parts have become widely available and, as such, the prices on screens have started to drop quite a bit over the past month – and we like to pass that on to our customers.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Can the home button assembly/ribbon be taken straight off the old screen and applied to new screen without microsoldering or other issues? I’m seeing the screen only available at vendors but ones with home button I can’t find. This is in Australia anyway

    • You don’t need to do any soldering on the iPad 6 home button. You can move it straight over from the broken device. The biggest problem most people have with a self-repair is the adhesive. Do NOT use super glue. You want to use an adhesive tape. Many screens come with this tape on them but it’s almost always inferior to the original and your screen will start to separate after a few months (or if it’s out in warm weather).

  3. Jennifer Chartier says:

    Thank you for having such an informational website in regards to replacing a screen for and iPad 6!

    Do you sell iPad 6 screen replacements or can you recommend a company or website that I can purchase one from, to replace myself? It’s so hard to know that I am getting a legitimate screen and something that will work for what I need it for and not have to waste my money if it’s the wrong screen.

    Thank you!


    • It’s hard to say for sure, Jennifer. We purchase our parts from a supplier in China we’ve been working with for years and we know they have a great product. Considering how knew the iPad 6 is, I would think most eBay listings would probably be good? If we were talking about iPhone screens I’d never recommend a random eBay seller, but for the iPad 6 it may be okay. Things to be aware of:

      1. Make sure they have a high seller rating.
      2. Make sure they have a good return policy.
      3. You probably want it to come with the adhesive on it. Do NOT use super glue to hold your screen in place.
      4. Make sure it’s actually the iPad 6. A lot of vendors referred to the iPad Air 2 as the iPad 6 and you do NOT want those parts. I would suggest making sure the model number on the back of your iPad matches what’s in the listing.

      Hope that helps.

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