iPhone 4/4S Cracked Screen Replacement

For 4 years, JCD Repair has been fixing broken iPhone Screens. We’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to do this repair the right way. From the suppliers to buy parts from, to the exact tools and supplies to use, to small tips & tricks that make the repair go smoothly and turn out perfect. Recently, I filmed one of our top technicians doing an iPhone 4 screen replacement and we’ve decided to use this video for training our future employees. We thought maybe the rest of the world could benefit from this video, too, so we’re sharing it on this blog.

Quick Disclaimer

The repair is simple – once you’ve done it about 10-12 times. The video below was done by a technician that has fixed over 1000 iPhones. That is not an exaggeration. If you’re going the Do-It-Yourself route, it will not go this smoothly. Expect it to take at least a couple of hours and know that you might permanently wreck your iPhone.

Consider yourself warned.


Buying the Replacement Screen

A successful screen repair starts with a quality replacement screen. It’s extremely difficult – if not impossible – to reliably obtain an actual OEM screen. Apple makes a lot of money refurbishing broken iPhones so they keep a tight lid on the original screens. But there plenty of third party options. These range from high quality copies that are indistinguishable from the originals to cheap and poor quality screens that don’t fit right, break easily, or have discolored displays. We’ve spent years finding a supplier that can consistently provide us with high-quality parts. Of course, we buy about 1000 screens a month so we have a little leverage when it comes to getting the top level parts.

Here’s some advice if you’re fixing your own iPhone and only plan to buy a single screen:

  1. Only buy the full assembly with the digitizer and LCD. The LCD on the iPhone 4 or 4S is fused to the digitizer and glass. They’re basically impossible to separate. A number of unscrupulous sellers out there will sell you just the glass. It’s cheap – like $10. But you’re throwing that $10 away. Buy the entire assembly.
  2. Make sure to buy the right part. The AT&T version of the iPhone 4 (GSM) and the Verizon/Sprint version (CDMA) use different parts. The iPhone 4S uses a third type of part. They are not compatible. Make sure you know which iPhone 4 or 4S you have.
  3. We highly recommend buying it from Amazon instead of eBay. Amazon rates the actual part whereas eBay rates the seller. It’s fairly easy for an eBay seller to game their rating. (The reason is because eBay counts any user’s purchases towards their rating. Someone that buys 500 things on eBay may have a great rating without ever having sold a thing.)
  4. Make sure you only buy from a US seller because, if you have problems, it’s much easier (and cheaper if the item must be returned) to deal with someone in the United States.
  5. Do not believe any seller that tells you they are selling OEM parts. A supplier once confided in us that they advertise OEM parts because they could charge more money and people were more likely to buy from them. They didn’t actually have OEM parts. We no longer use this supplier but I assure you they were not alone in these types of immoral practices.
  6. Only purchase a new part. When it arrives, take a look at the silver back of the LCD. If it’s all scratched up, they didn’t sell you a new part. It’s highly likely you were sold a recycled part. The quality of these is suspect at best. Send it back and tell the seller you want a refund.

One last piece of advice I’ll give to the do-it-yourselfer. Think twice. This is not a simple repair to do. That’s not to say it can’t be done. But as this blog and the included video show, it’s not something for the for the faint of heart. There’s a lot to know and a lot of things that can go wrong.

Getting Started – Tools, Supplies, and Setup

You can’t just grab a screen and a screwdriver and start fixing an iPhone. You need the proper tools, supplies, and setup. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A JIS #00 screwdriver. The iPhone uses JIS screws. This is similar to a Phillips head and a #00 Phillips will work in a pinch – just not as well as the JIS version.
  2. You’ll probably need a Pentalobe screwdriver. All but the first batch of iPhone 4 devices use these screws to hold the battery cover on.
  3. 2mm slotted screwdriver. We like the Wera Kraftform Comfort 1335 driver.
  4. 1 1/2″ wide putty knife.
  5. Scissors. We love the Tim Holtz micro-serrated crafting scissors. They cut really well and adhesive doesn’t stick to them. Best scissors ever!
  6. Anti-static precision tweezers. We prefer the ones with the rounded tips.
  7. 2mm wide, black, double sided tape.
  8. Pre-cut iPhone 4/4S adhesive strips.
  9. Bottle of canned air. You’ll want this to make sure any glass fragments are cleaned out of the iPhone. It can also be used to clean the speaker mesh.

Once you’ve got the tools and supplies, you want to get your work station setup. You’ll want plenty of empty, well lit desk space and a 18″ x 12″, white, rubber matting. Something like this solid grip liner from Menards. The reason you want this spongy, white matting is two fold:

  1. The rubbery surface keeps the tiny screws and other components from sliding away on you.
  2. The white color makes it easy to see the small screws.

(You will note that in our video we are actually using a Cuissential baking mat. We use this because we also do a lot of iPad repairs that require the use of a heat gun and the white, rubber matting mentioned above will melt. But if you’re just doing iPhone repairs, which doesn’t require a heat gun, this matting is way cheaper and works great.)

In addition to everything above, we also have a sonic cleaner we use for doing water damage repairs. This cleaner makes a short appearance in the video when it’s used to clean the speaker mesh from the old, broken iPhone screen. These cleaners cost more than $100 so if you’re just doing a single repair, you can skip this step. It just means your iPhone’s earpiece speaker will sound exactly like it did before you broke it. Using this cleaner makes it sound like it did the day you bought it.

Once you have your replacement iPhone screen, tools, supplies, and your work area all setup, you’re ready to go.

Some Tips & Tricks

In the video, we try to explain each step we go through to make your iPhone look and work as close to new as possible. Many of these are small things, but when you’re in the business of fixing iPhones, you quickly discover it’s the small things that make a repair consistently successful.

General Repair Advice

  1. These are fragile electronics. If something isn’t easily going where it’s supposed to, DON’T push or pull harder. That, as a solution, will result in problems. If you’re meeting resistance, stop and look around. You’ll often discover you forgot a screw, a connector, or a piece of glass found it’s way under something.
  2. Magnetize your screwdrivers. There are more than 20 really tiny screws in an iPhone 4 or 4S. You will not only lose them if your screwdriver isn’t magnetized, you will go crazy. You can buy a magnetizer at any hardware store for about $10 if your screwdrivers didn’t come magnetized.
  3. Understand that every component is there for a reason. They’re not for show. Be EXTREMELY careful when releasing/re-attaching connectors or removing screws. A simple slip of the fingernail or screwdriver and you may find yourself with an expensive paperweight.
  4. Have a system for remembering where every component and every screw goes. Not only does the iPhone 4 have a lot of screws, but many of them are different in size and shape. Our system is to set components down in exactly the order we pull them out. Any screws used to hold a component in place are set right next to the area on the component the screw goes. This technique let’s you just go in reverse when it’s time to reassemble.
  5. Keep your forearms on the table. This helps stabilize your hands and greatly reduces the probability of a screwdriver slipping and causing damage.
  6. Always use two hands. Like #5, this greatly helps in stabilizing things and significantly reduces the chances of something going wrong.
  7. Take your time and be careful.

Preventative Tactics

Top iPhone 4/4S after the screen has been removed.
  1. One of the most common problems to encounter after an iPhone screen repair is the proximity sensor not working right. The proximity sensor is what shuts the phone’s screen off when you hold the phone to your ear. We always put a tiny strip of the 2mm tape in between the sender and receiver at the top of the phone (circled in red on the picture). You’ll want to put the tape in there and bend it over with your precision tweezers so the tape doesn’t bleed over the sender or receiver. This trick will prevent any light from “leaking” in between the sender and receiver and interfering with the prox sensors functionality.
  2. Always clean the home button after you removed the screen. Use a small cloth and your fingernail to wipe the debris out of the home button. This debris is not only unsightly, but it can cause the home button to stick or not function properly.
  3. You may find, after removing the old screen, that there are tiny shards of glass embedded in the adhesive at the top and bottom of the iPhone. The best thing to do in this case is pull the adhesive off and replace it with the pre-cut iPhone 4/4S adhesives. If you don’t do this, there’s a good chance a salt sized piece of glass embedded in the  adhesive will scratch the new glass or, worse, force the new glass to crack. If you pull this adhesive off, you need to replace it or you’ll have problems with your home button and/or proximity sensor.
  4. Use the 1 1/2″ putty knife to remove the battery (as shown in the video). Pulling on the plastic tab often doesn’t work because the adhesive holding the battery down is too strong. The plastic tab can rip. Another common mistake is to remove the battery with a small flat bladed screwdriver. The problem with this approach is that you can puncture the battery and then you will have to replace that, too.
  5. There are 6 screws with washers that hold the screen in place. Do not remove these screws. Just loosen them about 3/4 of a turn. They’re extremely annoying to put back in if you pull them all the way out.

Common Mistakes

  1. People frequently do not put the battery back in properly. You want to make sure you fully connect the battery first and then place the battery back into the iPhone. This makes the battery ribbon cable accordion in between the battery and the connector. If you put the battery in the iPhone and then try to connect it, the ribbon cable will stick up too high and can get ripped when putting the back cover on. In addition, doing it this way makes it more difficult to connect the battery. If you don’t get the connector fully put down, you can see all kinds of strange issues with your phone – like not charging or not booting up properly.
  2. The little round connector for the antenna (at the bottom of the iPhone) is tricky to put back into place. It definitely take some practice and feel. It’s not uncommon for someone doing the repair for the first time to think they have it in place, but when they power up the phone they don’t get a signal. Another common mistake is to use a screwdriver or some other tool to try and push it down. This is a huge mistake. It’s easy for that screwdriver to slip and tear the antenna cable or, worse yet, chip some component on the motherboard. Only use your finger to try to reconnect the antenna.
  3. Forgetting to move the speaker mesh over from the old screen. The speaker mesh keeps debris from clogging the speaker. It’s also important to secure the mesh down with a small piece of 2mm adhesive on each side of the speaker hole (indicated by the green dots in the picture above). Failure to do this can result in the speaker mesh sliding out of place in a day or two.
  4. Forgetting to move the camera bracket over from the old screen. It’s needed to ensure the front camera focuses properly. Be careful when taking this off of the old screen because it can pop off and fly several feet. It’s small and clear plastic and, if it goes flying, you’ll have a hard time finding it.
  5. It’s easy when sliding the new screen into place to let one of the two connectors accordion. If that happens, it won’t reach the connector. We have seen more than a few people try to fix this issue by pulling harder on that cable. This violates General Repair Rule #1 and often results in a torn ribbon cable and a useless screen. You’ll have to get another one.
  6. Letting a little bit of glass fall onto the LCD tray. This glass will push on the LCD and you’ll see a little rainbow effect with even the gentlest touch of the new screen. Use your canned air to blow this area out and run a thumb over it to make sure it’s glass/debris free.

And that’s about it. There’s a few other little things here and there but reading all of this one more time and then watching the video should give you a good understanding of the JCD Repair way of replacing a broken iPhone  4 screen.

Does this look like a little too much work? Then give us a shout. We’re happy to fix it for you. Our rates are reasonable and you can usually have it fixed while you wait at one of our local repair stores.

55 thoughts on “iPhone 4/4S Cracked Screen Replacement

  1. hey thanks for the tips and help. i installed a screen on the 4s and the screen was working fine for a day then out of nowhere it has some weird colors on it almost like an old tv , lines and such. what can i do to fix this?are the 6 washers important because i have 5 of them on correctly and 1 is inside of the bracket and not directly behind the screw like the other 5. Why would it work fine for a day or 2 then cause these color lines later on?

    • It’s hard to say for sure what happened but it sounds like your LCD has gone bad or been damaged. The washers shouldn’t be an issue at all. More than likely, you forgot to pull the backing off the LCD or there was a small piece of glass or debris that got trapped under the LCD and cause it to break. You may also have just gotten a bad part (there are a lot of those on the market). You’ll probably need to replace the screen again.

      • i pulled the backing off and i cleaned off all of the debris including took off all of the adhesive that was there as well. its just weird that it worked fine for a day or 2 and now its acting up. the proximity sensor dosnt turn on the screen after i take my head away from the phone either im going to take it apart and clean the contacts on the lcd cable and see if that works and im going to try the tape trick on the sensor.

        • The proximity sensor is a result of the space in between the prox sensor and the glass. What you need to do is cut a small piece of neoprene or some other divider and place it in between the sender and receiver of the prox sensor (it’s a pain because the gap is so small). You need some kind of divider there to prevent the light from leaking between the two. Let me know if that didn’t make sense.

          • yes it makes sense and ive looked alittle online and have seen a fix with black electrical tape but all the fixes that i see are used because the screen wont shut off, my screen wont turn back on after a call do you think this is related to the same issue? i really didnt want to have to break down the phone again for the third time and possibly a 4th time if i need to order a new screen but i guess i have no choice at this point.

          • If the screen just stays black in a call, then the problem is you either have a bad proximity sensor (maybe damaged in the repair) or you just need to redo the electrical tape again. You have to be very careful not to cover either the sender or receiver.

            In addition, you want to put the electrical tape on the black plastic of the frame – not on the LCD itself. We did a Youtube video that shows this. Go to 9:30 in the video and you’ll see how we do it (we use double sided tape but the idea would be similar with electrical tape).

  2. Carly says:

    Hi I recently sent my iphone4 away to get fixed to a local guy who has successfully repaired the screen but ithe phone is now going crazy like I can’t even sent a txt without it jumping all over the place. Before this it worked fine. Is it something that he has done? He said that sometimes you can’t see what damage has been done to the phone when it got dropped until they open the seal to change the screen? Is this true? Please help!

    • There are two possible problems with your iPhone screen at this point. Both of them should be an easy fix for whoever you had repair the device.

      The first possibility is that they simply didn’t get the connector for the digitizer down tight enough. They should be able to open up your phone and fix this in under 5 minutes for you. If this is the case, make sure they put some kind of padding on top of the digitizer and LCD connector before sealing it up (we use a neoprene padding). This will prevent the connector from popping up again.

      The other possibility is a bad screen. This is not uncommon as there is a huge variability in parts suppliers on the market. If this is the case, the company you worked with should have some kind of warranty and replace the screen for you again for free.

      If they won’t take care of you, give us a shout back and we’ll figure something out for you.

      By the way, what city are you in and who was the company you took it to?

  3. Carly says:

    I’m actually in the UK and came across this page while trying to see if anyone elsewhere had this problem when they’ve had their screen replaced. I couldn’t find anything similar to what was going wrong with mine so thought I would leave a comment. Thanks alot for getting back to me!So this was not a fault from a dropped iPhone ( that worked perfectly fine before hand ) but that of the screen not being fitted properly? He’s said that he is checking it for corrupt software? to see if that will stop it going mad all the time? Even though I reset the whole phone before sending it

    • It’s definitely not corrupt software. Bad part or bad installation. It’s definitely one of those two things. Tell him you want him to put a brand new screen on it and that should fix the issue.

  4. Echo says:

    I was wanting to ask about the colored screens for Verizon iPhone 4S. Do they work like any other screen? I cracked my phone and want to fix it but want to make sure I get right stuff. Here’s a site if you like to let me know if it’s a good idea or not to buy [link removed]. Please help me.

    • In our experience the quality of the colored iPhone screens is very poor. We experimented with this about a year ago and found about 1 in 3 of the parts had some kind of defect – a flickering LCD, dead pixels (or a completely dead LCD), broken brackets on the frame, bent frames, etc. The problem is those colored screens never use OEM LCDs and the frames are cheaply made. They always use a 3rd party copies and the quality is sketchy at best.

      If you really want to go with a colored screen, my suggestion would be to find one on Amazon. Unfortunately, as you’ll see if you check out the reviews from that link, about 1-in-2 people had a less than great experience. But at least with Amazon you can return it if it isn’t good.

      Personally, I would never use one of these colored screens. I’d stick with black or white.

      • Echo says:

        Ok thank you so much it helps out knowing what to get so the phone works for the money it cost.

  5. Campy77 says:

    I recently replaced a verizon screen. The screen now works fine but now phone shuts off randomly even when just sitting on a table. It does NOT shut off if its plugged into wall charger. I read something about the tape over the screw that hides behind the camera and holds down the mother board. Any ideas what it might be?

    • It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the phone but it’s most likely one of three things.

      1. You might not have connected the battery tightly when putting the phone back together. If the connector is a little loose, it might cause this problem. I’d start by opening up the phone and double checking this connector. Make sure it’s tight and all the screws are in place.
      2. You damaged the battery when removing it to replace the screen. In this case, you’ll need to get a new battery. You should be able to find a good one on Amazon for about $10 or less. Make sure the reviews are good if you go this route – there’s a lot of bad batteries on the market.
      3. You partially separated the battery connector on the motherboard from the motherboard. If this happened, you’re in pretty big trouble. It requires resoldering that connector back down to the motherboard. If this is what happened, let us know. We’ve soldered that battery connector back on for a few people and we might be able to help you, too.
  6. Lemur says:


    I’ve recently had issues with a replacement screen on my iPhone 4S. I dropped it and cracked it and a local guy has replaced it three times now. The first time when you applied pressure to the screen you got ripples and there were dead pixels. The second had no touch sensitivity at all and the third I have this strange halo going round the outside edge of my phone filled with very fine coloured lines and desaturating and clouding everything behind it. He’s now said he think it’s the phone that’s bust and to put up with the halo till I can get an upgrade but it’s driving me nuts!

    • The person you’re working with is both not qualified to fix your phone and using bad parts. There are a lot of bad vendors for iPhone parts on the market right now and one of the common problems related to a bad part is the Halo around the screen. The touchscreen now responding to touch should have been caught before they gave you the phone and the rippling effect you saw the first time was probably a result of debris left under the screen when they did the repair.

      My suggestion would be to find a reputable repair shop. Someone with a lot of great Yelp reviews and a good warranty on their repair. I obviously would recommend us. But most likely, if you live in a big city, there is someone local that is good at this. It’s obviously not the guy you’re working with.

      Quick question for you: What city are you in? If you let me know that I can maybe offer you some suggestions.

  7. Steve says:

    Hi, I’ve recently replaced the screen on my iPhone 4S, everything went smoothly but I’ve noticed that when I make or receive a call they can hear me perfect but they break up a lot on my side.
    Any ideas what I’ve done wrong? Cheers

    • One quick question: If you put them on speaker phone, does everything sound good? If so, then the problem is almost certainly with just the ear piece speaker – which is a good thing. Even in the worst case scenario (broken speaker) it’s pretty easy to fix.

      It’s hard to say for sure without looking at it but there are a few options. First, you might not have gotten all the connectors completely down and in place. You could open up the phone and try to reconnect everything. Secondly, you might have gotten some debris in the speaker. You could pull the phone open all the way to taking the screen off again and check that. Maybe blowing some air in it to make sure. Third, you might not have gotten the motherboard pushed down all the way. This isn’t likely but if you didn’t, you could have a bit of an intermittent connection between the motherboard and the ear speaker prongs. Lastly, you might have damaged the speaker. It’s not too hard to replace that if you did and you can order them pretty inexpensively on Amazon or eBay. I’d say this would be your last resort but it is something to be aware of.

  8. I have been doing iPhones for a while and I agree with everything you’ve said. I have my brother’s old iPhone 4S here that I did a screen replacement on and it worked for 2 days and then had lines in it, turned white, and shut off. I tried the reset method and nothing worked. I figured the LCD was bad so I was going to get a new screen assembly but it won’t turn on even with the screen off. I mean that when I plug it in, iTunes doesn’t even see it or make a recognition that it got plugged in. This means that the logic board is not powering on right? I leave it on the charger to see if it charges up and then hook it into my computer but nothing happens. I’m going to put an old screen on it today to see if that changes anything but this is the second phone that has done this and I’ve replaced nearly everything on the first one and still no hint of life.

    • I take that back actually. I just now plugged it in for the first time in a few weeks and let it sit on my desk…actually was sitting here typing the above comment and felt the desk vibrate…the iPhone actually sparked up to life! I plugged it in to the computer and it started downloading drivers and popped in iTunes. Now my next question is that the ESN has been registered lost/stolen and probably won’t activate. If I get a new SIM card will it activate?

      • First, I’m glad to hear it’s working now. I was going to say there were a few possible problems – starting with a bad battery or charging port that wasn’t allowing the phone to power up or, as it seems like was the case, a strange software bug where you need to do a hard reboot of the phone (or let the battery completely die which achieves roughly the same thing). It sounds like this latter case was the problem.

        As to the ESN being bad, it depends on the reason. If you’re on Verizon or Sprint (or some other CDMA network) a new SIM card won’t do much to help you (unless you get the phone unlocked in which case you might be able to use it – I’m not sure about that since I haven’t tried it). Those phones are locked to the carrier.

        If it’s your own phone and somehow got blacklisted, you should be able to call up your carrier and get it reactivated. For example, if it was stolen, blacklisted, and then you were able to recover it, the carrier would be able to reactivate it.

        Otherwise, the only option is to have the phone re-flashed to another carrier (like Cricket). Depending on why the phone is blacklisted, that may or may not be an ethical decision. For example, if the phone is stolen, not good. However, if someone couldn’t pay their bill and the contract was cancelled and that’s why it got blacklisted, then it may be fine.

        Let me know if you have more questions on that.

  9. Nardy says:

    Hi My daughter Iphone 4 screen cracked and we had it fixed. At first she had these small lines that run up and down the screen. Now the line have become larger and make the screen flicker. It happens everywhere in the locked screen, in the camera app and just about everywhere. Could this have been from fixing the cracked screen or could it be from the original drop of the phone.

    • This is almost certainly from the screen repair. There are a lot of B grade parts floating around in the market and it sounds like the repair shop you used may have gotten some of these (either on purpose or by accident – not all vendors are completely honest about what they’re selling). It’s a pretty simple fix: Replace the screen you have on it right now with a brand new one. The repair company that fixed this for you should do that at no charge (at least they should if they’re a legit repair company).

  10. James says:

    Hi I’ve got a question for you since you seem very knowledgable about these things. I’ve recently purchased an iPhone 4 unlocked that has some issues. First all of the colors are almost inverted looking. Like the green “messages” app is blue etc and it’s not being caused by the inverted colors setting. Secondly, the screen has lines in it across the wording off an app. Lastly, the screen is flickering extremely badly. Sometimes you have to press the sleep/awake button several times to get it to stay on, and the lockscreen wallpaper’s colors are all distorted as well. I’ve tried a fresh DFU restore to rule out any software issues but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Is it the LCD? Or some other kind of other hardware issue? I do all my own iPhone repairs (screen replacements, soldered a 6r8 coil on my 3GS) but I have to know where to start so I can order the correct part the first time and not waste any money. Any ideas?

    • James: Most likely you just have a bad LCD. The color inversion could be from an accessibility setting (though I doubt it if you’ve done a restore and it persists). You can see/change that here:

      Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors

      The flickering is definitely an issue with the front screen. It’s a pretty wide spread problem with a lot of 3rd party iPhone 4 and 4S screens on the market. Your only option is to buy another screen and hope you get a good one. Unfortunately I don’t have a good recommendation on a vendor for you because, in our experience, almost all domestic suppliers and quite a few foreign ones have this issue. Some more than others but they all seem to have it.

      I’d suggest ordering a part on Amazon or Ebay from someone with a good rating that promises to take it back if it doesn’t work. You should expect to pay between $25-$30 for the part.

      Give a shout back if you have more questions.

      • Thank you for the prompt reply. I’ve suspected that the LCD was the culprit but I wanted to get a second opinion before I took the chance of ordering the incorrect part. I’m unfamiliar with how the iPhone 4 LCD is actually powered, and I learned with my 3GS that just because it looks like the LCD, it isnt always. Bought a new full assembly then had to buy a 6r8 coil that I had to solder.

        Back on topic, if it isn’t the LCD is there anything in addition that it could be? Similar to the 6r8 coil mentioned above? I have an old functioning LCD that has a broken glass that I may just hook up without disassembling the phone to see if I can properly diagnose the problem. Thanks again!

  11. James says:

    I recently changed the front and back screen on my colleague’s iPhone 4S for him using video tuition.. Everything appeared to work absolutely fine and it was up and running again.. However whenever he makes or receives a phone call the person he talks to gets an echo of their voice.
    What could be the problem?

    • James: It’s hard to say for sure. One possibility is that you have a short somewhere in the unit. Or maybe something not put down tight. The best thing to do might be to open it up and recheck everything. One thing to try is a new charging port. I know that sounds strange but the charging port actually contains a bunch of different stuff (like the home button connection, microphone, and the 30 pin connector at the bottom which does all sorts of stuff). You can usually pick one of those up for cheap on eBay and try to put it in.

  12. Dakota says:

    Hi there,
    About a month ago I got my iPhone 4S screen repaired at Futureshop. It wasn’t to badly damaged except in the left corner. After I got it fixed everything was fine. But then two weeks later all my contacts got deleted. Then a day after my contacts disappeared sometimes when taking pictures lines would run through the screen. Today however my phone just went blank. The screen is completely black. But I know its on because I held down the home button and could still talk to Siri. I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me if it was something that went wrong in the repair? Please help 🙂 Thanks in advance.

    • Dakota: I’m not sure about your contacts but I can definitely talk to the LCD problems you’re having. One of three options:

      1. Your phone is just in a strange state. If this is the case, holding down the home button and power button for 10-12 seconds will force a hard reboot of the phone and everything will be fine. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data from that – it just forces your phone to reboot and clears out it’s cache.
      2. The repair shop didn’t put some kind of padding over the LCD connector and that allowed it to pop up. It simply needs to be reseated.
      3. The most likely option is this third one. You got a bad LCD. Does the store you took it to have a warranty? If so, bring it back to them and have them replace it again.

      I hope that helps. If the shop won’t help you out at all, let me know and maybe we can help you.

  13. Devin says:

    I recently had my screen on my 4S replaced by a local guy after it was damaged. The phone worked perfectly and looked great for a couple days and then today it started flickering and shaking up and down. I also wasn’t able to use Siri. when I got home I turned it off in hopes restarting it would fix something but then it wouldn’t turn on. I got online reading different things and tried a hard reboot which did turn it back on but now the edges of the screen are all foggy and striped with little lines. It still flickers as well. On home screen there is a white ring around the screen. Do you think this was the fault of the repair? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

    • Devin: It sounds like you simply got a bad part. It’s not uncommon as there are a lot of bad vendors out there selling cheap LCDs that have exactly the problem you’re describing (a halo effect around the picture).

      The shop you had it fixed at will hopefully redo this for you at no charge. Did they have a warranty guaranteeing the work? If so, take it back to them and have them redo it. If they don’t have a warranty or refuse to redo the repair for you (which may happen), you’ll need to have another repair shop do the work for you. Make CERTAIN they have a decent warranty policy and a good reputation (check them out on Yelp or Google Plus).

  14. TA says:

    Hey! Just replaced my iPhone 4S screen. Everything’s working great except for minor color ripples on random spots on the outer edges of the screen. I used canned air, wiped the outsides and all areas down, looked every where for glass and other particles, and even removed and replaced all adhesive. I’m kind of stumped as to what could be happening. Do you think I should take it apart and recheck/ clean those areas again?

    Thank you very much,

    • TA: You have a bad iPhone screen. The problem is there are a lot of vendors selling screen assemblies with pretty low quality, 3rd party LCDs. It looks like you got one of those. The only solution is a new screen. See if the person you bought that one from will replace it for you.

      Also, do you mind sharing where you bought it? I’m hoping to do a blog post soon giving advice on good/bad iPhone screen vendors and this could be useful info.

      • TA says:

        :/ got it off of eBay. And the seller said he wouldn’t accept returns if the plastic was taken off. I might try and dispute it knowing that it’s just a bad screen. Thanks !

  15. lewis says:

    I have paid for an iphone 4 screen (with digitizer, LCD and touch sensor how much would I get charged for someone to fit it?

    • Lewis: We don’t actually use customer supplied parts because there is way too much variability in parts quality. Some vendors (especially those on eBay), may have as much as 30-40% bad parts. I’m not sure about other repair shops. Some might be willing to do that – we wouldn’t.

      One thing to check on if you do have someone install it is their warranty policy. They most likely won’t offer one if you supply the parts. We actually offer a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs – but that’s part of why we don’t use any iPhone screens but our own.

  16. George says:

    Hey, got a quick question(hopefully you are still responding on this), I had a cracked screen and failing battery, obtained both from amazon, installed per YouTube video I found. I’m a electrician and networking tech but always like some instruction, anyways, everything works fine except I have 2 problems,
    first being if I bump my 4s or set it on the table a little less then gently my screen will go off and it will take a soft reboot to get it to come back up.
    Second it seems my auto brightness isn’t functioning as it did before I replaced the screen. (I’ve attempted multiple re configuration).

    I’ve went in and verified the LCD connector is seated in the logic board a few times… Any advice?

    Thank you

    • George: Sorry for the long delay in responding to this.

      Unfortunately, if you’re certain the LCD is seated properly, then my guess is one of two things: You have a bad LCD that is causing some strange problems (I’ve seen this before) or you damaged some other component during the repair that is causing an occasional short that is causing the problem.

      My first suggestion would be to order a new screen and see if that fixes the problem.

  17. Jason Keays says:

    Hi there,

    I just had my iPhone 4S screen replaced, and now I have a thin blue line on the very right of the screen. This was evident straight after he fixed it in the shop. He said it should go away. I do not believe him. Did he install a bad LCD part perhaps? He said if it hasn’t gone by tomorrow that I should bring it back. I can’t live with this line running down the screen…

    • Jason: You are correct that they were not honest with you. Most likely it’s just a bad screen that they installed and no permanent damage to your phone. Any reputable company would fix this for you at no charge. That said, any reputable company probably would have known it was defective and fixed it right away. Ask them to redo it and let me know what they say. I’m curious.

  18. jorgeyaih says:

    Thanks for sharing this type of blog. I read all tips and advices in that blog.I have iPhone 4S. but my phone screen is not working properly. all contents has been disappeared from my phone. I dropped it. A local guy has replaced it two times. but screen not working. Now, I want to use your tips to replacement the screen of my i Phone 4S.

  19. Lorrie says:

    Hello. Thanks you for this blog. Quick question. After getting a screen replacement on the 4s my iPhone only turns on when plugged in, says the battery is at 100% but when I unplug it it shuts off. When it is plugged in it reboots every five or so minutes, the power button is also broken. Aside from getting a new battery, what else can I do to fix this issue?

    • Lorrie: A few possible issues here. First is that you might have damaged the battery when removing it. That’s a pretty easy and cheap fix – you can find those online pretty cheap. Because the quality of the batteries is pretty suspect from most eBay vendors, I recommend buying a couple just to be safe.

      Secondly, you might have a damaged charging port. That can cause the battery not to charge (so when you unplug it it turns off) and it can cause that random re-booting that you’re seeing. This is a bit more complicated to replace than a battery but not too horrible. Again, you can find the charging ports fairly inexpensively online and you should get a couple just to make sure you’re getting a good one.

      Lastly, and much worse, you may have damaged the battery plug on the motherboard. This can be fixed but it requires some pretty good soldering skills to do. Try the first two options and see how that goes. If neither of those work, post here and I can get you more info on this.

  20. wale says:

    please i need help
    after changing the screen of my iphone , the screen still shows white. what is the cause?

    • Wale: The most likely problem is you have a bad LCD. It’s not uncommon (especially with the cheaper screens you get on eBay or Amazon) to find one that doesn’t work. See if the vendor you bought it from will let you return it or exchange it for a new one.

      Another thing that might have happened is, if you pulled too hard when putting the LCD connector through the frame, you might have ripped the connector. In this case, you’ll have to buy a new screen and try again.

    • Mitza: You are most likely missing a screw. There’s a white water mark sensor that covers one on the right side of the motherboard half way down and another one on the very top left corner of the motherboard that’s covered by black tape. Make sure you have both of those removed.

  21. IPhone 4s screen replacement says:

    I recently had my screen replaced on my iPhone 4s. Since having the replacement done, my phone will not hold a charge long. It charges up faster but it will not stay charged. Sometimes it turns off when I have 75% left and when I turn it back on it says I have 10 or 20%. Sometimes it will not come back on it will say that it needs charging. If I don’t use it. The battery might stay charged 2 hours tops but with use it only stays charged abt 30 minutes. Do you know what could be causing this?

    • Most likely they either didn’t get the battery connected properly, damaged the battery, or chipped a component on the motherboard around the battery connector. Options 1 & 2 are easy fixes. Option #3 probably means the phone is no longer going to work. Unfortunately, option #3 is probably what happened.

      If you had it repaired at a legitimate repair company, they should take care of it for you one way or the other. Either fix it or supply you with a replacement iPhone 4S at their own expense.

  22. Todd says:

    Hi My phone front glass cover is cracked, but the lcd screen is fine–too bad it sounds like i should replace both at the same time–much more $$ than just the cover… My phone also isn’t taking a charge. It started a few days ago acting up, not taking a charge the whole time it was plugged in, than flickering on/off during a charge, now no charge at all in just a few days. Sounds like it needs a new charger port? How much would you charge for both those repairs plus shipping? Thanks.

    • Todd: First, for the iPhone 4/4S, it’s not any more expensive to fix a broken glass versus a glass and LCD. We currently charge $79 regardless of which problem it is (for the 4/4S – it is a price difference on the iPhone 5/5S/5C). If you also need a new charging port, we’d just charge an extra $20 (normally we charge $59 for just a charging port repair but if you do it as part of a screen repair, it’s only the extra $20.

      Question: What city do you live in? Once I know that, I can get you exact details on how to proceed.

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