iPhone Battery Replaced Without the Long Wait

Did you recently read that Apple is slowing down your iPhone when the battery is going bad? Want to put your iPhone life back in order without buying a new iPhone? Or without standing in line?

We can help. We can help today.  We can help in about 15 minutes. We can do it for $49!

The Jet City Advantage

Fast iPhone Battery Replacement
Skip the lines at the Apple store. Come to Jet City instead.

We stock iPhone batteries from trusted suppliers.

This gives you the following benefits:

  1. You can probably get your battery replaced today.
  2. Your iPhone battery will be fixed in 15 minutes.
  3. Have confidence in your battery’s performance.

Item #3 is important. There are a lot of bad batteries on the market and you don’t want to go with just anyone (or buy a DIY kit off of eBay). You want a brand new iPhone battery – not recycled or, as some unscrupulous vendors will do, pulled from a dead iPhone and sold as new.

Jet City has been in business for 10 years. We’ve worked hard to find good, reliable vendors. This is part of the reason we have so many incredible reviews on Yelp. We do great work using  high-quality parts and charge a good price.

So skip the wait (and risk)! Get your iPhone’s battery replaced today at Jet City Device Repair.


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