What Sets Us Apart

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “Why is your repair service better than your competitors?”

Let me say that there are other good repair companies out there. But I truly believe what sets us apart is our core philosophy:

To make people’s lives better. Our employees, our customers, and our investors – in that order.

If we create happy and motivated employees, we’ll have happy customers. Happy customers lead to a solid bottom line.

Looking at our Yelp reviews, with a 4.5 or better rating at each of our stores with over 1250 customer reviews, it’s clear this strategy is working.

Our Employees

Our Lincoln Park iPhone & iPad Repair Experts
Our Lincoln Park Staff

We pay an industry leading $17/hr, offer health and dental insurance, paid vacation, and a 4 day work week for all of our technicians.

We’ve also dedicated massive time and energy to creating a great hiring process to find people that not only are great at fixing phones and taking care of customers, but are also wonderful to work with. This interview process involves several rounds but the one that everyone loves? We have a board game night for the top candidate before formally offering them a position. Who doesn’t want to work for a company that plays board games as part of the interview process?

Our employees are empowered to make decisions. You won’t find a lot of bureaucracy at Jet City. We hire good people, train them, and then trust them to make their own decisions on how to best take care of customers. Do we always get it right? Nope. No company is perfect. But we believe a mistake you learn from is called training. You won’t get in trouble for that. (It’s the person that keeps making the same mistake over and over that we have problems with.)

Communication! We still have a ways to go on this front but, thanks to Basecamp, we’ve made massive strides over the past couple of years in making sure everyone in the company is well aware of what’s going on and why decisions are made. This communication is also critical in helping our geographically separate stores share best practices.

Our Customers

Our focus, beyond just providing a great repair, is to make the entire process as easy, fast, and pleasant as possible for our customers. Consider these facts:

1. We almost always have same-day appointments available. No waiting a week to get in for your repair.
2. iPhone get fixed in just 20-30 minutes.
3. Each store has fun activities while you wait (because you won’t have your phone to play with).
4. Because we hire great people, you’ll genuinely enjoy talking with our technicians. They’re not just a bunch of phone fixing nerds. They are phone fixing nerds with great personalities.
5. We give a lifetime guarantee on our work.

But you shouldn’t take our word for this service. You should check out what our past customers actually have to say. You can see a bit of that here, here, and here.

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