iPhone Screen Repair Article Featuring Neal Dexter

Neal Dexter - iPhone Repair Technician and Store Manager
Neal Dexter: Repair technician extraordinaire, great manager, and all around awesome human being.

Meet the new Jet City Device Repair celebrity: Neal Dexter – manager of our Loop store in Chicago. If you’ve had the misfortune of breaking your iPhone and needed a screen repair (or battery replacement or just about anything else fixed), you may have had the good fortune of meeting Neal.

He’s pretty awesome and was recently interviewed by Jefferson Graham for a USA Today article about iPhone screen repair (as well as Samsung and other phones). Not that Neal wasn’t already famous. He’s not only a great store manager, smartphone repair technician, and all around great person, but he’s also an accomplished DJ and song writer (look for Cameron Traxxx).

I love the way the article starts:

From his perch at Jet City Device Repair in Chicago, store manager Neal Dexter wants you to know something about broken phones: It’s not you.

Neal’s “perch” is the Jet City store at 216 N Wells. He both manages the store and fixes iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones. He’s even our resident soldering guru. A few details about Neal:

  1. Born and raised in Philadelphia.
  2. Moved to Chicago, “for love.” (his words)
  3. Favorite holiday: Valentines Day.
  4. Jet City Device Repair birthday: August 24, 2014.
  5. Plays the synthesizer, guitar, and Magic the Gathering.

Hopefully you won’t need Neal or any of our Jet City crew to work on your busted smartphone or tablet, but if you do, be glad he decided to make the move to Chicago. I know I am!

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