iPhone Won’t Charge? How Jet City Technicians Fix Dead iPhones

iPhone Won’t Charge?

It’s all too common. A lifeless phone sits in limbo. It has been plugged in all night but your iPhone still won’t charge. Years of photos and contacts are now on the line. Questions and uncertainties can start piling up.  When was the last data back up?  Can this issue be solved today? Like every other electronic device, a cell phone’s battery can be replaced. Unfortunately, Apple hides the battery inside of its device. This makes accessing and testing them difficult without the proper tools and know-how.  The days of swapping out a couple of double-A batteries on your Walkman are long gone.

iPhone won't charge
An open view of an iPhone battery.

Once your phone is dead, the top of the line features that make it stand out don’t seem to matter too much anymore. It now resembles a very expensive paperweight. But what is really happening when your iPhone won’t charge anymore? Our experienced technicians have fixed roughly 250,000 devices. They have seen their fair share of battery-related issues. We decided to ask our own techs what the biggest cause of the “dead iPhone” and what can fix it.

Battery Issues

The number one reason is not a big surprise. You guessed it, a dead battery. When phone batteries approach the end of their lifecycle, they reach the point where the amount of energy stored cannot power the phone back on. This will leave you stuck on the charge icon screen. In some cases, the battery may even inflate causing the screen to lift on one side. We have heard that even before the battery dies, phones power down with upwards of 15% battery left. In almost all cases, installing a new battery will take care of this.

iPhone Won't Charge
The dead iPhone icon on the display.

Charge Port Problems

Your phone might still be new though. You may not have had any clear indications that your battery would give out yet. In this case, we would test for a damaged charging port. Our techs have seen water corrode the contacts inside of the port. Phones that have dropped while still plugged in can cause damage to the charging port too. There are even a few cases in which compacted lint and dust prevents the charging cable to plug in (attempting to clean without the proper tools could also damage the charge port). Unless you use wireless charging, there is no way for power to enter your battery with a damaged charge port. In our experience, a charging port cleaning or replacement would fix an iPhone that won’t charge.

iPhone won't charge
A technician cleaning out an iPhone charging port

It’s Not Too Late

The idea of being stuck without your phone can be terrifying. Nobody wants to lose their family photos and contacts. You’re not alone. One the most common subject lines we see in our inbox is ‘Help, my iPhone won’t charge’. It may not be too late though! Give one of our shops a call or message today. We would be happy to try and bring your phone back to life!

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