Jet City Device Repair Versus Apple

Is the only advantage of an Apple iPhone repair their control the software? We think so.

Apple has shown they are willing to “break” a customer’s iPhone if fixed by an independent shop. “Break” is in quotes because the phone isn’t really broken – they’re just using their software to punish people that dare to use someone other than Apple to fix their device. One example is the 2016 error 53 “upgrade” (which kicked off the Right to Repair movement – something we support).

More recently, people have been seeing the following message when upgrading to iOS 11.0.3:

Note: Non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly. Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts.

iPhone repair is a billion dollar a year business (that’s not a typo, it’s billion with a B). Apple wants all this revenue, and they have gotten extremely aggressive convincing (or punishing) people that prefer to use a different company. But outside of their control of the software (and willingness to use that control to harm their customers), do they really have an advantage?

We hate to toot our own horn but since Apple has decided to raise the issue of 3rd party repair quality, we feel the need to respond. The following may sound a bit braggadocios but it’s just the facts.

Jet City Device Repair and Apple Yelp Reviews
Jet City Device Repair vs The Apple Store (


The picture above says it all, but just to drive the point home…

Quality of Repair Service

Jet City in Lincoln Park has a 5-star rating on Yelp with over 490 reviews. Apple’s Michigan Avenue Store that has a 3.5-star rating with 432 reviews. No further explanation should be needed but that won’t stop me.

Ease & Speed

Want your iPhone fixed today? Give us a call, schedule an appointment on our website, or simply stop into any of our stores. In most cases we’ll not only get your phone fixed the day you want but probably at the exact time that works best for you. The Genius Bar will not take you without an appointment and they frequently can’t get you in on the day you want.

Repair time? We almost always get an iPhone fixed in 30 minutes or less (frequently just 15-20 minutes). I can safely say I’ve never been in and out of the Genius Bar that fast.

Breadth of Fixes Available

Customer that have us fix their charging port were frequently told by the Apple store it couldn’t be fixed. “You’ll need a new phone or an out-of-warranty repair.” Out-of-warranty repairs run $269 – $399 dollars at Apple, and new phones can now cost over $1000. Our charge port repair is $99 or less depending on your iPhone version.  We also fix cameras, battery replacements, broken buttons, speakers, and much more. All of these are done in 20-30 minutes. Oh, and, as mentioned above, we can probably get it done right away.

What if you need an iPad repair? Apple won’t do those in store and they charge a fortune: $200 – $600. Almost all of our iPad repairs cost $89.

Warranty Policy & 30 Day Protection Plan

We offer a lifetime guarantee on everything we fix. If the part stops working because of a defect or workmanship, we’ll replace it again for free as long as you own the device. 18 months from now? Not a problem. As long as you haven’t broken the part again, we’ll fix it for free. What’s Apple’s screen repair warranty? They don’t say on their website, but I’m pretty sure it’s not for as long as you own the device.

What if you do break the screen again? Yes you’ll have to pay for that repair – UNLESS you brought it to Jet City Device Repair and then broke it within 30 days of the fix. In that case, we’ll fix it again free of charge. I know for a fact that Apple won’t do that (to be fair to Apple, I don’t know any other repair shops besides us that offer that either).

General Attitude Towards Customers

We love our customers! I’m sure Apple does, too, but if you’ve been into the Genius Bar you’ve no doubt gotten a bit of that, “We’re Apple and we are soooooo awesome,” attitude.

I know, sort of ironic that I’m making fun of Apple’s opinion of themselves as I write a post about how awesome we are, but I promise when you walk into one of our stores you’ll quickly realize how awesome we think YOU are. We wouldn’t be in business without our customers and we know it. That’s why we hire technicians that are not only highly-capable of fixing your device, but are truly pleasant to be around.

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