Lifetime Warranty on All Services by JCD Repair

Exciting news: You now get a lifetime warranty on all work done by JCD Repair. And it gets better: this lifetime warranty is being retroactively applied to every device we’ve ever fixed. If you ever have a problem with the part or workmanship on one of our fixes, we will redo it for free.

You heard that right. JCD Repair is now offering a lifetime warranty on all the repairs we have ever done and will ever do.

Lifetime Repair Warranty
Lifetime Repair Warranty

Before you get too excited, let me make it clear that this warranty covers the parts we used and our workmanship. It does not include new damage to your device or issues unrelated to our repair. We won’t redo a repair for free if you happened to drop your iPad down a set of concrete steps and rebreak the screen or drop your iPhone into the lake. We won’t do a battery replacement for you 6 months after we did a screen repair. We won’t replace a lost or stolen device.

We also have an exception for water damage repairs. Those we only warranty for 90 days. But everything else…

We will re-fix for free forever if you have a problem with the part or workmanship.

You should know it’s highly unlikely you’ll need this warranty, but we do fix about 2000 devices a month (and growing) and on rare occasions we have a bad part or something doesn’t get sealed right. It’s not likely but it can happen.

Here are some examples of what we’d cover under our lifetime warranty policy for a screen replacement on an iPhone:

  • You find a dead spot on your touchscreen.
  • The picture begins to flicker, get lines on it, or just goes solid black.
  • Your proximity sensor isn’t working (this is what makes your phone go black when you hold it up to your ear).
  • The screen starts to lift off the frame.

Again, all of those things are very, very rare but they are possible.

Here are some examples of what would NOT be covered under our warranty:

  • You drop your iPad onto the sidewalk and re-shatter the screen.
  • We fixed the screen and 6 months later you’re Galaxy S4 won’t charge.
  • You update to the latest iOS version and your wifi stops working or the device becomes unusably slow.
  • You leave your iPhone in a cab or some unscrupulous scoundrel steals it from you.
  • You drop it in the toilet.
  • You spill a beer or coffee all over it.
  • Your dog uses your sons iPod Touch as a chew toy.
  • Your 4 year old decides to jam his fork into the charging port.
  • You drop it on the street and, thankfully it doesn’t break – and then a pickup truck runs over it and it’s completely destroyed.

In short, ask yourself this question to decide if our warranty applies: “Is what happened my fault or a result of the service that JCD Repair did for me?” Not sure? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout and ask. We’re always happy to help.

If it does turn out to be our fault, we’ll redo the repair for free – even if it’s 3 years after the original work was done.