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Launching our School iPad & Chromebook Repair Division

Jet City Device Repair started in a basement in 2007. In 2008 it became a full-time business with two partners. The first employee was hired in the spring of 2010. Today we have over 20 employees at 6 stores in 2 cities and have fixed well over 100,000 devices.

And now for another big step: We’ve created a new division at Jet City Device Repair dedicated to helping schools get their iPads & Chromebooks fixed. Continue reading “Launching our School iPad & Chromebook Repair Division”

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Fixing Your Grayed Out Wi-Fi on Your iPhone

“Help! I just updated my iOS and now my iPhone’s Wi-Fi is grayed out and not working.”

This is a real problem that our customers ask us about and the internet is full of various threads addressing this. Even Apple has a page dedicated to trying to help people with this. Their solution on that page is pretty simple – just reset your network settings. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work very often and Apple’s second solution, if your phone is out of warranty, is to buy a new iPhone.

We have another option.

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Even More Inexpensive Samsung Phone Repairs

About 18 months ago we announced that we were fixing Samsung Galaxy S3 screens – our first Samsung phone repair. Since then we’ve added the Galaxy S4 & S5 and Samsung Note 2 & 3. All of these repairs include the parts, labor, and a lifetime warranty. Most of these repairs can be done in 2-3 hours (same day repair service if you come into one of our stores).

But it gets even better: You can now get your Samsung glass replaced for 10%-30% less. Continue reading “Even More Inexpensive Samsung Phone Repairs”

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Speed is the Key to Saving a Water Damaged Cell Phone

A few months ago I wrote a post about why water damage repairs often fail. It also mentioned why we stopped offering liquid damage service. Since then I’ve been in contact with a few people and companies that have let me know the problem with most water damage repairs and how we could drastically improve upon our old process. So like Justin Timberlake might say, we’re bringing water damage back. Continue reading “Speed is the Key to Saving a Water Damaged Cell Phone”

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Lifetime Warranty on All Services by JCD Repair

Exciting news: You now get a lifetime warranty on all work done by JCD Repair. And it gets better: this lifetime warranty is being retroactively applied to every device we’ve ever fixed. If you ever have a problem with the part or workmanship on one of our fixes, we will redo it for free.

You heard that right. JCD Repair is now offering a lifetime warranty on all the repairs we have ever done and will ever do.

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Finally – Affordable iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Options

For almost a year now we’ve been waiting for the cost of an iPhone 5 screen replacement part to drop to a reasonable price. That has finally happened. At first glance, you might not think that price is reasonable (about $100 at the time of this writing and falling) but it’s cheap compared to what it was in early June – when it cost almost $200.

iPhone 5 Screen RepairParts, Labor & 6 Month WarrantyClick for Details

This recent price drop is great news for anyone that has the misfortune of dropping their iPhone 5 and cracking the front glass. It means that you now have a reasonably priced option to get your iPhone fixed.

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Inexpensive Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the past year is, “Do you do the Samsung Galaxy repair?” Until recently, we’ve had to say no because the cost of the replacement part was prohibitively expensive. We’re excited to announce that has been fixed (no pun intended). You can now get your cracked Galaxy S3 screen repaired without breaking the bank (pun intended).

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iPad Screen Repair Available

This might be old news to some of you but since December of 2011 we’ve been fixing the cracked iPad screen for people. Not to brag but we’ve gotten really good at it the past few months. It was a tricky repair to figure out and we definitely went through some battles with suppliers. But I can safely say at this point in time, that if you have a cracked iPad, we’re the people to call.

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Rejoice: iPhone 4 Repairs Now Available

For the past 2 years, we here at Jet City Devices have fixed over 4000 iPhones for people in Chicago and Seattle. Those iPhones were all the 3G & 3GS versions of the phone. We’re excited to announce today that we’ll be able to continue that tradition of fixing iPhones for people with our new iPhone 4 screen repair service!

Okay, that’s a little bit of a fib – we’ve actually been fixing the iPhone 4 for about 6 weeks now but we wanted to wait to announce it to the world until we had the process really nailed down, a good supply chain setup, and all of our employees thoroughly trained. That has now happened so we’re ready for you and your broken iPhone 4.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how much and where to bring it into, eh? At the moment, we’re charging $159 for the repair. If you come in to our Chicago or Seattle office, we can fix it for you in about 30 minutes. If you mail it in to us, we’ll get it fixed and mailed back out within 24 hours.

So why is it so much more expensive than our iPhone 3G or 3GS repairs? Here’s a quote from a press release announcing our iPhone 4 repair:

“The reason for the additional [iPhone 4 repair] charge is three fold. First, the product is much newer and there are less parts available. Secondly, the quality of the parts is higher. For example, the LCD (the part that displays the picture) has 4 times the resolution of the 3G or 3GS LCDs. Lastly, and most importantly, Apple changed the design of the iPhone 4 to make the LCD and touchscreen glass inseparable. In the 3G & 3GS, if the touchscreen glass broke, the LCD was usually fine and they could replace the front glass and reuse a customer’s existing LCD. Not so with the iPhone 4. Even if just the front glass is cracked, the glass and LCD must both be replaced.”

Despite the seemingly high price, Jet City Devices offers one of the least expensive iPhone 4 screen repairs we’ve seen anywhere. In addition, we’re constantly on the look out for more affordable parts and as we find them, we’ll start lowering the price of this repair to make sure our customers get the best price possible.

If you’re interested in having us do this repair or have any questions, feel free to email or call us (800-272-0897).