One Hour Device Repair is Now 20 Minutes

At Jet City Device Repair we take pride in creating a great customer experience. We think saving you time is one more way to do that.

Image from anika on Flickr
Image from anika on Flickr

Obviously we work hard to create a super high-quality device repair at a great price. That’s step #1 in a great service. We also do our best to hire friendly staff that can provide this service with a smile.

But we’ve found it’s the little things that really help set us apart: clean & comfortable waiting area, stores located in convenient locations, free coffee & snacks, multiple ways to schedule an appointment, open 7-days a week (most locations), open until 7pm on weeknights, and more.

This not only results in a premier device repair, but, if our customer reviews or the New York Times are to be believed, one of the best overall customer experiences with any business.

To continue improving on that, another area we’ve worked hard to improve is our overall repair time. In particular with the various iPhone devices. This is important for two reasons: waiting just isn’t fun and you probably don’t want to be without your iPhone for any length of time.

Through a series of efforts, we’ve been able to whittle our iPhone device repair from about one hour to 20 minutes!

Here’s how we did it.

  1. Greatly improved our hiring process and employee compensation. We’ve increased hourly pay by $2/hr, included paid vacation & sick time, monthly bonus payouts, and added a health care plan at the end of 2015. This has helped us to find, hire, and retain incredible talent. Better talent = better (and faster) repairs.
  2. Much improved phone system. We love getting calls from our customers, but we had started to be overrun with calls for devices we don’t fix and sales calls. These extraneous calls would interrupt our repair flow. Doing a little call screening, we can now get your device fixed with far fewer unnecessary interruptions but still let you talk to a live person if you do need our service.
  3. Improved process flow. From a more automated customer checkin process to an improved online scheduler to simple shop layout and more. All these changes give us 2 minutes here, 3 minutes there, 1 minute here, and eventually we’ve knocked 15 minutes off the customer wait time. Again, having great and thoughtful people on staff helps us to identify and fix bottlenecks.
  4. Improving our focus. In the past year we’ve removed mail-ins from most of our retail stores and eliminated some problematic device repairs. This allows us to stay focused on fixing what’s important – and helps us get it done faster.

We will continue to do all we can to improve the customer experience but for now, at least as far as iPhones are concerned, we’re happy to be rid of that one hour device repair and bring it down to 20 minutes.

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