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Reader View

The Internet can be a cluttered place on mobile phones. You’ll encounter ads, pop-ups, and unfriendly mobile web design. Reading an article from your favorite content creator can be a chore. Is it difficult to tell where an article ends and an advertisement begins? That is where “reader view” steps in.

It is difficult to tell what is part of the article and not an advertisement? That is where “reader view” steps in.

Today marks the end of your accidental ad-click woes.

There is a little trick our trusted technicians like to recommend.  Reader View is essentially a stripped-down version of the article. There is just text and images. In your search bar, you will see a pair of A’s or script icon (the Reader button). This means that there is a Reader View version available for the page you are visiting.

Reader View Options

You can also customize how it looks to suit your preference. This can make reading in darker environments a lot easier on the eyes. Phone users who have trouble with small text can nudge up their font size too. To return to the normal article, just tap the search bar icon again. And there you have it.

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