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Seattle Device Repair

A common question people ask: “Why the name Jet City Device Repair?” Since we fix so many iPhones and iPads, people wonder why not something more Apple related like iDevice Repair or iSeattle Repair or iRock At Fixing Things.

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Lifetime Warranty on All Services by JCD Repair

Exciting news: You now get a lifetime warranty on all work done by JCD Repair. And it gets better: this lifetime warranty is being retroactively applied to every device we’ve ever fixed. If you ever have a problem with the part or workmanship on one of our fixes, we will redo it for free.

You heard that right. JCD Repair is now offering a lifetime warranty on all the repairs we have ever done and will ever do.

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Help! My smartphone battery is about to die!

Want to extend the life you get out of a single charge on your cell phone battery? There are a few tricks to help you get that last bit of life as you end the day. You might not be able to do much with these settings turned off, but it will ensure you can make & receive phone calls and text messages and maybe even do a little web surfing over the 3G network.

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How an Expert Repairs a Cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

Since late February of 2013 we’ve been researching, developing and repairing Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. It took us six months and thousands of dollars to really fine-tune our process and we decided to share what we’ve learned with the rest of the world. The only thing we ask in return is for you to use the comments section to make suggestions on how we can do it even better. We’d like to see this blog post become the definitive guide on how to fix Galaxy S phones the right way.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Repair has Arrived

Galaxy S4 Screen RepairParts, Labor & 6 Month WarrantyClick for Details

Let’s get right to the point: The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repair has arrived at JCD Repair. Like the Galaxy S3 repair we’re already doing, this repair will replace a cracked front glass in a short amount of time for a great price.

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12 Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass Repair Questions

As of this writing, our post on an inexpensive Samsung Galaxy S3 screen repair has been read over 1/4 million times. Obviously there is a huge interest in Samsung phone repair. But more importantly, and the whole reason for this post, a lot of people had questions after reading that article (168 comments that were mostly questions). I decided a separate blog post was necessary to address the most common of those questions/concerns people had. Continue reading “12 Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass Repair Questions”