Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Repair has Arrived

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Let’s get right to the point: The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repair has arrived at JCD Repair. Like the Galaxy S3 repair we’re already doing, this repair will replace a cracked front glass in a short amount of time for a great price.

Ever since we launched our Galaxy S3 service, we have been getting a lot of requests for glass repairs on this newer model. The problem has been the Galaxy S4 was just different enough from the GS3 that we had to develop a few new techniques to get the repair right.

Cracked Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair
Galaxy S4 Repair

Like the GS3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has an advanced LCD technology. The LCD is what displays the phone’s picture. For the GS3 and GS4, it also senses your finger touches (called the digitizer). This means the front glass for both models is, well, just a piece of glass. No wires connected to it. No electronics on it. Just painted glass glued onto the LCD.

And it’s this glue that turned out to be the big difference between the two repairs. The adhesive Samsung used on the GS4 is a lot “stickier”. It’s slightly harder to get the glass off the LCD but, more importantly, even after you get the glass removed, you still have a significant portion of the adhesive stuck to the LCD. And it is stuck like concrete.

Fortunately, using a combination of plastic razor blades and precisely controlled heat, we have been able to develop a process for removing that adhesive.

Once that adhesive is gone, the repair is extremely similar to our standard Galaxy S3 repair:

  • The glass is removed (that’s the big difference).
  • Some protective shielding is put in place to keep the new adhesive from getting into the guts of the phone.
  • We apply a layer of liquid, ultra violet, optically-clear glue.
  • Slowly lower a brand new, OEM piece of glass on to the LCD.
  • Place the entire assembly in a vacuum chamber to remove all air bubbles from under the glass and properly set the new glass.
  • Place the screen under a UV light to cure the optically-clear glue.

After that last step, the phone’s screen will look and work like it just rolled out of the factory.

Note: While we’ve spent 2 months developing all the tools and skills to do this repair, we haven’t yet trained all of our staff company wide on this repair. That is happening as I write this. However, we didn’t want to make everyone who needs this repair wait. So, at the moment, we are only offering this repair through the mail. That means, for the short-term future, if you have a cracked Samsung Galaxy S4, you will have to mail it in to us to get the repair completed.

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    • As of this moment we’re charging $99 for a glass only repair. That’s an introductory rate as we really get the repair rolling. In about 2-3 weeks we’ll be raising that up to about $119 or so.

  1. Fiona says:

    How long does the process take. (I.e. if phone is mailed out tomorrow, when could I expect it returned)? And do you do international shipping.

    • We get most devices fixed within 24 hours of receiving them. So the vast majority of the delay is in the shipping process. We send everything back 2-3 day mail so, if you use a similar method to get it to us, you can expect the entire process to take about 6-7 business days.

      As to international shipping, we don’t do that. So if you live abroad, you’ll have to have someone in the United States for us to mail it back to that will then forward it on to you.

    • Thank you for catching this. We recently redid our URL structure (went to instead of and I missed that update. I really appreciate you’re letting us know.

    • As of right now (Nov 8, 2013) we’re charging $99 (plus return shipping of $7.50 for a mail in service). That price includes all the parts, labor, and a 6 month warranty. That price will probably go up to $119 in December (we’re running it as an introductory price in November).

  2. Eli says:

    Hi, I did a screen replacement to my galaxy s4 for mobile myself. everything is fine, the home button works and the outside buttons work but te lamp of the outside button doesnt light! Can ypu help me, any advice or suggestion? Thank you!

    • I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “lamp of the outside button” but I’m assuming you mean one of the two buttons on the bottom? One to the left of the home button and the other to the right? If so, you most likely either have it out of position or covered it up. Two quick questions:

      1) How did you put a new glass on? Tape or UV glue?
      2) Do both buttons on the bottom still work?

      Once I know that, I can maybe get you more info.

  3. Yes, i mean the botton to the right of the home button- it works, but doesnt have light, all the bottons works, only this to the right haven`t light. The phone is still without the glass, because I don`t know what to do with this button.

    • My guess is that you might have put a slight tear in the ribbon cable on the bottom while taking the glass off. The only way to replace the ribbon cable is to completely replace the LCD (because that cable runs underneath the LCD). Since that will cost you $150-$200 for just the LCD part, I’d probably just live with the light being out as long as the button works.

  4. Aaron says:

    If you damage the lcd during repair do you cover cost to replace or will I be expected to pay for that? Also the bezel surrounding my glass is dinged up from the drop are you able to replace that also?

      • According to our vendors it’s supposed to be the OEM Gorilla glass. We’ve done a lot of these repairs with great success so I don’t have any reason to not believe our vendors on this one. That said, even Gorilla glass does break (as evidence by how many of these we fix).

    • Aaron: If we damage the LCD during a repair, we definitely cover the extra cost ourselves. We never charge anyone extra to cover for a mistake that we make. So if you come in with a cracked screen and a working LCD and during the repair we bust the LCD we replace the entire LCD assembly but don’t charge you for anything more than a standard glass only repair. By the way, that scenario is very rare but it does happen – those things are super fragile.

      As to the bezel around the glass, that we don’t replace because you have to remove the LCD to do that. And as I’ve mentioned, the LCDs are really easy to break – especially if you’re trying to pull them out of the frame.

  5. Xavier: Most likely you damaged the ribbon cable at the top of the device. If that gets ripped or partially separated, part or all of your touchscreen might stop working. If that’s the case, you’re going to need a full LCD repair (since the touch functionality on the Galaxy S4 is built into the LCD).

  6. Nick says:

    My phone only has a tiny crack in the upper right corner, but the screen itself (digitally) is the problem.
    Could you fix this too?


  7. Ali says:

    Hello. If I want to replace my glass screen and the silver bezel around the phone (since it is also cracked) how much would that cost ? Thanks!

    • Ali: We don’t replace the frame around the screen. The reason is because pulling the LCD out isn’t completely trivial. It’s not super hard but it does take time and there’s a little bit of risk of breaking the LCD. The harder part is getting the LCD moved into a new frame after pulling it out. It’s tough to get the LCD to sit properly and tightly in a new frame. Again, not impossible but not a service we usually provide.

  8. Jordan says:

    How do I know if I need the lcd fixed or just the glass screen fixed? And also I read around reading that only phones sent back to samsung can be reparied with the orginal gorilla glass, is this the gorilla glass, or is it plain glass?

    • Jordan: If the picture underneath the glass isn’t working or the phone isn’t responding to touch, then you need an LCD repair. If the picture looks fine, it’s responding to touch, and there’s a visible crack in the glass, then you just need the glass only repair.

      Our suppliers guarantee us actual Gorilla glass and we’ve fixed a lot of Galaxy S3 screens (over a thousand) and I have no reason to believe that the glass we’re putting on isn’t OEM glass.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

    • In short, I completely disagree with Andrew on this. It’s not an easy repair to do. We did a public video of exactly how we fix a Galaxy S3. The S3 is slightly different but similar to a Galaxy S4 repair.

      If you don’t believe me or the video we did, feel free to do a Google search for “Galaxy S4 glass only screen repair” on Youtube. You’ll see some home videos that will help show more about how it can be done at home.

      For those that don’t know, the surface glass is attached via an optically clear adhesive that covers the entire LCD and bonds it to the surface glass. That adhesive needs to be melted and removed. If you get it too hot, you’ll burn the LCD. Don’t get it hot enough and you’ll crack the LCD taking the glass off. If you break the LCD, you’ll be buying a $200 replacement LCD (that’s the going rate for them on eBay and Amazon right now).

      Once you get the glass off, then you need to apply the UV glue to the surface of the LCD. At this point, it’s very easy to get bubbles in the glue or to let the glue run into the home button, prox sensors, speakers, buttons, etc. That can bring it’s own set of problems.

      Andrew: Out of curiosity, have you done this yourself? If so, how long did it take you and what were all the tools and supplies you needed to make it happen?

      • CMarie says:

        Thanks for posting the caveats of DIY. I was really worried about making things worse or more expensive. sells a kit for $12, but I’m too nervous to screw up the LCD. I will be taking it to a professional. Wish you had a store in NY/NJ area.

  9. Noël says:

    Regarding the s4 fix.
    I want to try and do it myself, is the temperature range the same as the s3?
    What i mean by that is, is it safe to heat it to around 230 fahrenheit without burning the lcd?
    I would greatly appreciate the reply!

    • Yep. The temperature is about the same. However, there are a few other things you need to be careful of:

      1. You need to be very careful around the top left part of the screen. That’s where you’ll find the ribbon cable for the LCD (it’s on the bottom right on the Galaxy S3). If you nick or tear that cable, you’ll end up with a dead LCD and those tend to cost about $165+ to replace. It’s much easier to tear that cable on a GS4 than a GS3.
      2. There isn’t nearly as much flexibility on the back/menu button on the bottom of the phone. So be careful when lifting off the cracked glass so that you don’t tear those. Those are a pain to replace if you rip them.
      3. When putting on the adhesive, it’s much easier to get adhesive into the home button – it’s much closer to the LCD than it is on the GS3.
      4. The adhesive holding the cracked screen on is a lot different than the GS3 adhesive. It’s harder to remove from the LCD. We use a little extra heat and a plastic razor blade for an initial clean and then and LCD cleaner and PEC pads to get the final polish done. If you’ve never done it before, plan to take at least 20-30 minutes to remove the adhesive AFTER you’ve gotten the cracked glass off.
      5. The screen is slightly larger and, therefore, slightly easier to crack. So be careful. We’ve actually gone to using a business card to separate the glass from the LCD. It’s low profile makes it much less likely you’ll crack anything.

      Hope that helps.

      • Noël says:

        Alright, thanks alot for the quick reply!
        That should definitely help me out.
        I’m gonna have a go at it when i get home tonight!

        • I’d love to hear how it goes. Let me know when you get it done. If it worked, how difficult it was, and, most importantly, if there’s any other tricks you might have discovered to make the process easier.

          • Noël says:

            Sadly enough I don’t have enough time tonight. However when I do get it done I’ll make sure to post my findings here.
            The S3 tutorial has helped me alot already so I think I’ll be ok!

          • Noël says:

            Today I finally gave it a go,
            using your tips the screen came off just fine! The glue really was a pain in the ass though.. Takes very long to take off in comparison to the s3.

            Some things I found out during the removal process:
            1. The blue S4’s have the same small film under the glass as the S3. Wich means that even if its very cracked it’s still pretty easy to remove the glass.
            2. If you get stuck against a crack with your business card try to lift up the side pieces of glass, most of the times this makes the middle shards release too.
            3. I just used my fingers to get the glue off, if you pre-heat the glass that works just as good(if not better) as using the plastic razor blades.

            Sadly I don’t have the time to finish it up now, but I should be able to later this week.
            Any tips for the glueing process?

            Thanks for all the tips(and awesome videos) you already gave me by the way! They have been very helpfull!


          • The glueing is tricky. My best recommendation is to first, make sure you’re no where near a window on a sunny day. That’ll be a disaster. Secondly, I recommend either using the vacuum seal technique we did in the video or a new, gravity only technique we’ve been using lately. Which basically means you just apply the glue, get the glass on top of it (very slowly to avoid air bubbles), and then just tilt it and let the adhesive flow into all the areas of the screen. It takes some time – about 5-7 minutes, but gives a nice even layer that seals up really well without making too much of a mess.

            Good luck!

  10. lisa says:

    How do u know if it is just the screen that needs to be fixed I dropped my phone and it is cracked in the top Right corner the phone still rings and can still here my texts coming through just can’t do anything on the screen I read on another website that something else sometimes also needs replaced it a Samsung galaxy s4

    • Lisa: If the picture underneath the screen is out, you have a broken LCD. That’s the expensive part of the screen. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  11. Paul says:

    I bought the diy kit and want to start repair but I’m wondering whether the green screen size adhesive tape is workable and how is it applied? It has peel areas all over it

    • Paul: I’ve never seen anyone get the OCA tape to work on a screen without an autoclave. There’s just too many air bubbles in it. So my thought is that you won’t be able to get it to work – I could be wrong, and if so, I’d love to hear how you do it. Let me know once you try.

  12. Paul says:

    I’m not willing to try repairing it myself. I live in the United Kingdom do you repair worldwide or just in the US? Would rather pay a professional to replace glass on my s4 and for the price it’s worth it. Has anyone on here used this service and if so did it run smoothly? The phone definitely only needs glass repaired but some businesses will try and get you to pay for the full job lcd replaced when they know it’s only the glass needs replacing. Although I’m not saying the same applies to this service but it’s better safe than sorry. I’d like to order a repair asap. As I said its just a glass replacement needed, behind the slightly cracked glass is a phone in perfect working order. I need glass replacement soon because the top left hand corner has started to lose more glass slowly but surely I’d like repair before it loses glass further on down the screen.

    • Paul: First, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I don’t check this thread as often as I probably should (about once every 2 weeks now).

      We don’t do any international shipping. Sorry we can’t be of more help on this one but I’ve got to think there’s someone in the UK that also does this.

  13. Noe says:

    I just had my glass repaired for GS4, everything was working fine before I got it repaired. The bottom part of the screen does not respond, so I can’t open my texts, contacts, apps. The man who fixed it said that maybe its the glass so he will try a different glass. Could it be the glass or does it look like he damaged the LCD.


    • Noe: The glass is not the problem. It’s one of 3 things (with the 3rd one probably being the most likely):

      1. The person broke your LCD.
      2. If they used LOCA to attach the new glass, they may have used too much and shorted out the LCD.
      3. They damaged the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard.

      Whichever one of those 3 it is, the LCD is now garbage and needs to be replaced. It happens once in awhile (the LCDs are pretty fragile and easy to damage), but if you worked with a reputable company, they should replace it for you at no extra cost. It was there fault it was broken and they should take care of it.

      Unfortunately, there’s a lot of companies out there that will try to pass the extra cost of doing an LCD repair on to the customer after something like this. Try to stand firm and demand they take care of it for you.

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