Seattle Device Repair

A common question people ask: “Why the name Jet City Device Repair?” Since we fix so many iPhones and iPads, people wonder why not something more Apple related like iDevice Repair or iSeattle Repair or iRock At Fixing Things.

Seattle Device Repair (image courtesy of Nathaniel Ivie on Flikr)
Seattle Device Repair (image courtesy of Nathaniel Ivie on Flikr)

Let’s start with “Jet City”. It’s a nickname for Seattle that comes from Boeing. We love Seattle but knew from our inception that we wanted to expand. Today we have 6 locations in 3 different cities: 1 in Seattle, 1 in Bellevue, WA, and 2 in Chicago. Being “Seattle Device Repair” might not have worked great in all these cases.

Plus Jet City sounds a bit more techie and fast. Since we fix high-tech devices and fix them fast, the name seems good.

Now why not an iDevice monicker? Why just “Device Repair”?

The reason is simple: we fix a lot more than just iDevices these days.

For example, in January of 2015 we launched a new division fixing broken Chromebooks for schools. Since then we’ve fixed devices for over 70 schools (and growing). Some of these schools have had us fix various laptops and other tablet models (like Lenova Thinkpads or the Nexus Tablet).

We’ve also been fixing broken Samsung Galaxy phones for a couple of years now – both for people in Seattle as well as through the mail. Like an Ohio manufacturing company that mails us a few Galaxy S3 phones every month. Even the LG G3 has made a recent repair appearance in our Wallingford store.

Don’t get me wrong, our core business is still iPhone & iPad repairs. We fix about 3000 of those every month. We are also pretty strict about not fixing things we’re not certain we can fix well, so don’t expect us to fix everything – at least not just yet. Stay tuned, though, we  may get there.




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