New South Lake Union Smartphone & Tablet Repair Store in Seattle

Getting your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung phone fixed in Seattle may have just gotten easier for you. Our 3rd repair store in the Seattle area has just opened. It’s located in the heart of the South Lake Union district in a great space on the corner of Dexter & Aloha St (just 3 blocks north of Mercer Ave). Our hope is this space will be much more convenient for people living and working in South Lake Union area as well as those of you living on Capital Hill, Queen Anne, or coming from Downtown Seattle.

JCD Repair in South Lake Union
JCD Repair in South Lake Union

What services are offered?

Our South Lake Union store will be fixing all the same devices as the rest of our stores. The top repair is cracked screen replacement, but you can get a lot more than just your screen fixed – power & home buttons, busted charging ports, broken cameras, and more.

Do you still have that lifetime warranty?

Yes we do. Just because it’s a new store doesn’t mean we don’t have the same old commitment to quality and workmanship that we’ve always had. Just about any repair you have done by us will come with a lifetime warranty.

What are the hours?

For now, our South Lake Union store is only open 6 days a week (our other stores are open 7 days a week). We’re open from 10am – 7pm Monday – Friday and 10am – 5pm on Saturdays. The only reason we’re not open on Sundays is because we’re a little short on people. Once we get another couple of technicians hired and fully trained, you can expect us to be open 7 days here, too.

Do I need an appointment to get a repair done?

That depends on what device you have and how fast you want your repair done. Most of our repairs (especially iPhone repairs) can be done in about an hour with an appointment. We’re happy to take walk-ins but if we’re really busy, your repair might take longer, so we always recommend an appointment if you can. The two exceptions are iPads and Samsung Galaxy S glass repairs.

If you have an iPad, there’s no need for an appointment. All iPad repairs takes 2-3 days. Just bring it in any time we’re open, we’ll get it checked in, and then call & email you when it’s fixed and ready for pickup (and you pay for the repair when you pick it up).

The Samsung glass screen replacement takes about 2 hours. We do these the same day you bring it in but because of how long it takes, we do require an appointment for this one. All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email.

Where exactly is the South Lake Union store located?

910 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(see it on Google Maps)

Can I call or email to find out more?

Absolutely! We love to help our customers in any way we can. If you need directions, have questions about a repair, want to schedule an appointment, or anything else, feel free to contact us:

Phone: (206) 535-2890

Are there more stores coming?

Yes there are. Right now we’re looking for our 4th space in the Seattle area and, hopefully, we’ll have 5-6 by the end of the year. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the Seattle area (including the surrounding cities) to get into one of our stores quickly and easily. So stay tuned for more updates soon…