Jet City Device Repair

Planning For Your Repair – Chicago

Hello Chicago! Are you thinking about having your phone fixed at our Loop shop? Our 30 minute iPhone repair time may not seem long but it can be quite a change of pace to be without your phone. Especially trying to navigate the city! Planning for your repair at our shop can make your experience even more seamless and hopefully enjoyable! Our customer’s come in during their work break, on their errand-run, or while they are just visiting Chicago. We wanted to put together a list of common activities our customers do while we are working on their device.

Our Amenities.

Are you stepping out from the office and still need to be online? We have your back. We have an awesome seated waiting area. There is free WiFi, power outlets, and coffee to drink to keep you going. Being without your phone, even 30 minutes, is not possible for most of the Chicago workforce. Not to worry, we have you covered.

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