Broken Chromebooks & iPads

How an Expert Repairs a Cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

Since late February of 2013 we’ve been researching, developing and repairing Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. It took us six months and thousands of dollars to really fine-tune our process and we decided to share what we’ve learned with the rest of the world. The only thing we ask in return is for you to use the comments section to make suggestions on how we can do it even better. We’d like to see this blog post become the definitive guide on how to fix Galaxy S phones the right way.

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Broken Chromebooks & iPads

Inexpensive Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the past year is, “Do you do the Samsung Galaxy repair?” Until recently, we’ve had to say no because the cost of the replacement part was prohibitively expensive. We’re excited to announce that has been fixed (no pun intended). You can now get your cracked Galaxy S3 screen repaired without breaking the bank (pun intended).

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