iPhone 5 Screen Repairs

Update on 8/1/2013: We are now officially offering the iPhone 5 cracked screen repair service in all of our stores. We have plenty of parts in stock for fast service. About 30 minutes with an appointment or 24 hour turnaround through the mail.

Update on 2/4/13: We now have a small supply of iPhone 5 screens and are offering the repair. In-person repairs only for the moment. This is very aggressive pricing that basically covers our costs. We just got tired of not being able to help people out that were calling with a cracked iPhone 5 screen. Because of the high parts cost, we are not stocking a large number of these parts. So if you want to get yours fixed, give us a shout and we can get you scheduled for a repair. We will hopefully have another update soon announcing that the price is coming down and that mail-in repairs are available.

We’ve started getting lots of calls about iPhone 5 screen repairs. Unfortunately we don’t have a cost effective solution yet (nor does anyone else in the industry). A few of our suppliers have offered us replacement iPhone 5 screens for about $220 each – that’s our cost. Looking around at our competitors, I can see the same is true for them. If they’re offering the service, they’re charging $300-$350 for the repair. We think that’s way too high of a price and we’re going to wait to offer this service until the pricing comes down.

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