$20 Off Trade-In iPhone Repair

Save Money on a Trade-In iPhone Repair

How much will it cost if I don’t want the Lifetime guarantee?

That’s a common question this time of year. The newest phones are out and people want to trade-in their iPhone for the latest model.  But what if it’s broken? You need to get it fixed first. Price may not be the only issue you care about, but it becomes much more important when you plan to get rid of your phone right away.

Jet City Device Repair Offering

We believe we have the best iPhone repair service in the country and we think our pricing is pretty great, too.

  1. Lifetime guarantee on our repairs.
  2. Free 30-day protection plan. Break your phone within 30 days of our repair and we fix it again for free.
  3. Incredible customer reviews.
  4. Most iPhone repairs done in 30 minutes.
  5. Free coffee while you wait.
  6. Highly trained, expert technicians.

But you probably don’t care about the lifetime guarantee or free 30-day protection plan if you’re about to do a trade-in. You’d rather save a few dollars.

We here you.

$20 Off Trade-In iPhone Repair

$20 Off Trade-In iPhone RepairWe are now offering customers looking to trade-in their iPhone a substantial discount: $20 off the list price of most iPhone repairs.

Important note: We will never sacrifice the quality of our work.

That means you can expect exceptional service even if you choose this discounted option. However, there are two things we can do to reduce our costs and give you a better price:

  1. A 10-day warranty instead of our lifetime guarantee.
  2. Free 30-day protection plan is NOT included.

Don’t worry, you will still get an amazing customer experience, have your phone fixed in about 30 minutes by serious professionals, and we’ll make sure there is ample coffee on hand to keep you well caffeinated.

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