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Are your replacement screens as good as Apple's?

Posted by Matt McCormick on March 16, 2022

One of the more common questions we are asked is how our iPhone & iPad replacement screens stand up against those from Apple. We don't use Apple provided screens for several reasons: cost, quality, customer service, and availability. We believe for these reasons, you'll not only get an equal or superior quality screen to an authorized Apple screen, but you'll get a much better price, customer experience, and faster repair.


Let's be honest, this is a big factor in determining where you get your iPhone or iPad fixed (though it should not be the only factor). Using an Apple authorized part results in a much more expensive repair. iFix-It posted on their site that Apple charges $140 for their authorized iPhone 7 screens. Currently, JCD Repair charges $79 for the full-service repair. That includes parts, labor, and lifetime guarantee. Just so it's really clear:

JCD charges customers a little over half the price to fix an iPhone 7 screen that Apple would charge just to buy the replacement screen!


"But," you ask, "what about the quality?" Excellent question!

We have been fixing iPhone screens since 2008 & iPads since 2011. We've done over 150,000 screen repairs in that time. We've built a robust, affordable, and high-quality supply chain made up of overseas vendors and domestic vendors. We are so confident in the quality of the screens we use that we offer a lifetime guarantee on any screen repair we perform.

Apple only offers a 1-year warranty.

In other words: it appears we have more trust in our parts quality and technician's repair ability than Apple does in their authorized repair products & services.

Customer Service

We dedicate serious effort to hire & train great people. Not just people that can do an excellent job fixing your device but also create an amazing customer experience. If Yelp is to be believed, we are not only doing a great job here but a significantly better job than Apple. At the time of this posting:


One of the frequent complaints we here about the Genius Bar is how difficult it is to get in for a repair and how frustrating the experience can often be (and it's not uncommon for Apple to deny a repair for some reason).

Not so with Jet City Device Repair. We stock all the necessary parts for any Apple screen repair (as well as almost any other repair your device might need). This means we can almost always get you scheduled for a repair the exact day you want and often within an hour. And repairs generally take just 30 minutes so you're in-and-out quickly.

We also take walk-ins but those repairs can take a bit longer if we have scheduled repairs ahead of you. However, it's very rare that it would ever take more than an hour to fix an iPhone screen.

In Conclusion

If you want to save money & time, experience great customer service, and want a lifetime guarantee on your iPhone or iPad repair, then you should check out Jet City Device repair.

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