Which iPhone do you have?

While it’s generally pretty easy to tell the difference between an iPhone 3G/3GS versions and the iPhone 4/4S, telling the difference between the 3G & 3GS and the 4 & 4S is not so simple. For example, the only visible difference between the 3G and the 3GS is the shininess of the text on the bottom of the back of the phone. Telling the difference between the iPhone 4 and 4S can be even more subtle. Hopefully this post can help you figure out which one you have. Let’s start with the pictures.

As you can see, the iPhone 4 & 4S variants are a bit more squarish in design and have a front facing camera. Something that is lacking on the 3G/3GS versions. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to let you know which versions you have:

  • iPhone 4S: Square in shape. Glass back. Front & back camera. Model number on back cover is A1387.
  • iPhone 4 – AT&T: Looks just like the iPhone 4S except the serial number on the back is A1332. It also has a SIM tray on the right side.
  • iPhone 4 – Verizon/Sprint: Looks just like the iPhone 4S except the serial number on the back is A1349 and it does not have a SIM card tray on the right side.
  • iPhone 3GS: Plastic back. No front camera. Back text is the same shiny silver as the Apple logo.
  • iPhone 3G: Looks just like the 3GS except the back text is a dull silver instead of shiny.

So if you’re looking for an iPhone repair or a case for your iPhone, hopefully this guide will help you figure out exactly which version you have.