Why the Recent Increase in iPhone 5/5C/5S Repair Pricing

We recently had to raise the price of our iPhone 5, 5C & 5S screen repair pricing by $10 for both the glass only and LCD repair.

We hate to do this but it had to be done because there is a major shortage of the iPhone 5 series LCD screens in the market and the prices have gone up over 40% in just the last 3 weeks and may go up even higher.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our most trusted suppliers about what’s going on.

iPhone LCDs are generally produced by LG and SHARP, mainly LG.

Recently LG has been unable to supply LCD units for iPhone 5 series phones (detailed reasons are undisclosed). Leaving only SHARP to supply the parts. So the demand is now extremely high and the supply is limited, the higher level sources that have control over the distribution of SHARP LCDs wish to increase the prices of the iPhone 5 series LCDs due to the high level of demand before they release the LCDs back into the market.

The prices will keep going up, and will continue too do so until it hits the distributor’s target price.

Unfortunately no one seems to know when that target price will be reached and when the prices will start to drop again.

Rest assured, when the prices do begin to go down, we will quickly drop our prices as well.

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