Why we (currently) only fix Apple & Samsung Phones

We just received a 1-star review on Google My Business for our Chicago Loop store because we don’t fix the type of phone that someone owned. I responded to the person’s review and thought I’d post my response here as well because this is a question/complaint we do get from time to time.

The really important thing to note in this post is one of our core philosophies: We only do things we can be great at, and we are great at the things we do.

All this said, we have started the process of investigating some other phones and other ways to do the repairs so that we can, at the same time, expand our repair offering AND continue to be great at every single repair we do. More on that in the coming months.

Dear Federico,

I’m not sure we deserve a 1-star rating for having a limited repair repertoire. I’m sorry we weren’t able to help you out in this case but let me explain why we only fix Apple/Samsung phones currently.

We used to fix a lot more types of phones than we do now but ran into a number of problems with non Apple/Samsung phones (like HTC, LG, etc). One of the big problems was parts supply. It was hard to find consistently high quality parts that were readily available for a lot of the other phones.

Most importantly, though, we have a philosophy as a company: We only do things we are great at and we are great at the things we do.

The problem with fixing non Apple/Samsung phones is that you might only get, as an example, an HTC phone once a month. That means any of our techs might get to fix that phone once every two or three months. It will be very hard for them to be great at a repair they do that infrequently.

As a result, we decided about 3 years ago, that we would limit our repairs to only those phones that we not only know we can fix, but that we can get high quality parts for and keep our technicians well practiced on.

Again, I’m sorry we can’t fix your phone but I hope this helps explain why.

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