The World’s Best iPhone & iPad Repair Shop Has Moved!

You are already aware of our amazing and easy iPhone & iPad repair service if you’ve been to our Lincoln Park store in Chicago,

Haven’t been to see us before? You should know we don’t just fix your cracked screen, replace your battery, repair a charging port or offer a dozen other services. We have the most fantastic people working for us! They turn the pain and suffering of a broken device into a truly remarkable experience.

Don’t take my word for it – I’m biased. Just spend a little time checking out what people say about us on Yelp.

But there was one problem with our old location on Southport & Fullerton: We had outgrown it. We were like tuna stuffed into a sardine can. So we’ve moved 1 mile straight east on Fullerton Ave to 2425 N Clark St. The new “can” is much bigger and allows our delicious service to be served up on a sufficiently large platter.

Jet City's New iPhone & iPad Repair Location in Lincoln Park

We picked this new location for two main reasons:

  1. Enable our technicians to do even better work because they finally have a bit more space.
  2. Be an even more enjoyable space for our customers.

There’s one important thing you should be aware of if you’ve never had your iPhone fixed: You won’t have your iPhone to entertain you while you wait! Our service is fast (usually 20-30 minutes) but that still leaves 20-30 minutes for you to entertain yourself.

To that end we provide books, games, and a few other amenities in our store (like free coffee), but the real benefit of this new location is that it’s in the heart of Lincoln Park. We’re surrounded by amazing shops & restaurants! Fantastic coffee! Donuts!  Cupcakes!

I really should have just said, “Donuts & Cupcakes,” because when you realize that we’re one block away from Molly’s Cupcakes and Firecakes Donuts, well, you might want to break an iPhone or have your daughter smash your iPad just so you can come down and see us.

Lincoln Park Staff
Our Amazing Lincoln Park Technicians

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