Let’s fix your iPads and Chromebooks

Save money and finish your 1:1 transition

Get back the hours you’re spending on claims and process

What sets us apart? Check out our process.

5 minutes and you’re done. Box up your devices with the shipping supplies we send you (including a prepaid UPS label). Ship them out or request a pickup. Free shipping for all orders with 3 or more devices.

0-1 day turnaround. We receive and repair your devices, sending them back the same day or next. Very large orders may take a little longer.

Back in the classroom. All your devices get delivered in our reusable box – covered by our lifetime guarantee and looking new.


Icing on the cake. No contracts, no diagnostic fees, no up-front payments.

Request a Free Repair

Decide for yourself. We’ll take you through our process with a device of your own, free of charge.

Have multiple devices you want fixed now?

Setup only takes a phone call or a few emails, request an order and we’ll be in touch. Let’s get those broken devices off the shelf and back in order!

$89Glass, headphone jack, LCD, battery
$59Buttons, charging port, WiFi
+$20Multiple repairs (same device)
$99LCD, keyboard, touchpad, charging port
$59Hinge cover, bezel
$25Key replacement (up to five keys)
+$20Multiple repairs (same device)