Repair vs Insurance

Insurance: Guaranteed to Lose

Sometimes it’s sold as an extended warranty, AppleCare+, or just plain iPad or Chromebook insurance. Whatever it’s called, it’s a guaranteed loser in large numbers. That’s how insurance works – pool together a bunch of people and while you might lose money on some individuals, you profit on the entire pool. It’s called the Law of Large Numbers and it’s a mathematical fact.

Put another way: Buying insurance on a single device is likely a bad gamble but it might pay off. Buying insurance on a large number of devices is guaranteed to lose money.

A Simple Example

Assume you have 1000 iPads and you buy AppleCare+ for them. AppleCare+ costs a school $79 for two years or $39.50 per year per device. That means you pay $39,500 per year to insure your devices.

Now assume you skip the insurance and have devices repaired when they break. Assuming your school breaks 10% per year and the average cost of a repair is $90, you’ll spend about $9,000 per year on repairs.

That’s a savings of $30,500!

For simplicity’s sake this left out a couple things like the cost of an AppleCare+ deductible or the fact that some broken devices can’t be repaired (but you can buy a lot of devices for $30,500).

Want to see how much insurance might be costing you?

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But insurance is so easy.

Actually, no.

  1. You have to sign a contract that locks you in for years.
  2. You have to fill out claim forms when a device breaks. Some of these can be time consuming.
  3. Many insurance plans still require you to pay a deductible when a device beaks.
  4. They often cover one or two breaks per device. Break more than that and you’ll have to figure out what to do.

iPad & Chromebook Repair Made Easy

I know it sounds self-serving but the fact is, the repair option is not only less expensive than an extended warranty or insurance, but it’s often easier, too. Here’s how our process works:

  1. 5 minutes and you’re done. We send you all the necessary shipping supplies for your broken device(s). This includes a UPS return shipping label. All you do is make a checkmark on our diagnostic sheet indicating what’s wrong. Then put the devices in the box and send it off.
  2. 2-3 day turnaround. Our repair depots are setup to fix large numbers of devices quickly. Once we receive your devices, we get them fixed, boxed up, and sent back to you.
  3. Easy to repeat. Your fixed device(s) will arrive in a reusable box with another return UPS shipping label. The next time you have broken devices, just put them in the box and send them out.

The Jet City Device Repair Advantage

  1. Lifetime guarantee. You read that right. We guarantee the parts and workmanship for the life of the device.
  2. Fast service. We stock the most critical iPad & Chromebook parts. This means we can get most repairs done quickly.
  3. Great pricing. Most iPad repairs are $89 and most Chromebook repairs are $99 or less. Use the form below to request our price list.
  4. Proven track record. Our owner fixed his first device in 2007 in his basement. Since then we’ve added 4 retail locations, 2 repair depots, hired 20 employees, and fixed well over 200,000 devices.
  5. Lots of happy customers. Taking great care of our customers is one of our core values. We think the 1000+ 5-star Yelp ratings across all our stores show that we’re succeeding. But don’t take our word for it. Go and read some for yourself. You can also ask us for references – we’d be happy to provide them.

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